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Geeks With Children: SDCC Child Care Registration Open

Pay up or the hand gets it! by Chris Winters, on Flickr
Pay up or the hand gets it! by Chris Winters, on Flickr

For those who have traded their collectible figurines for bottles, bibs and binkies, Comic-Con International is looking out for you.

Thanks to their Child Care program during San Diego Comic-Con, you won’t miss a beat at the convention, even if your significant other sticks you with watching the kids during the biggest weekend of the year. Information has been released about this year’s program, which is now accepting advance registrations via online, mail or fax through June 28.

Once again, KiddieCorp is managing the on-site child care. It has been providing services for trade shows, events and conventions for 27 years, and has “partnerships with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Autism Society of America and countless others”, so know you are leaving your child in capable hands while you battle through the crowd in the Exhibit Hall below.

The program is accepting children of ages ranging from six months to 12 years. They won’t provide meals but do have snacks and drinks available. They have a variety of activities children can participate in, and they encourage kids to come dressed in their favorite costumes.

No, they won’t administer medicine, so if you child is on a regular prescription you’ll have to come back for that. Yes, they do change diapers. And man, we wish they made house calls.

Advance registration prices are $9/hr for kids six months to two years, and $7/hr for kids three and up. After June 28, the prices go up to $11/hr and $7/hr, respectively. For exhibitors, the program is free during designated set-up and tear-down dates/times.

Check out KiddieCorp’s official page for the online form and all the details.

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