San Diego Zombiewalk Seeks Crowdfunding for 2014 Event

For years, it’s been the event planners who have been giving to attendees descending upon San Diego Comic-Con – tons of parties, celebrity appearances, swag and many memorable experiences. However, it seems as if 2014 is turning this tradition around a bit. With events losing long-time sponsors – and along with it much-needed contributions – the events themselves are now turning to the attendees for help.

One such event is the long-running ZombieWalk: San Diego, a staple in the Gaslamp during Comic-Con weekend. The ZombieWalk has attracted hundreds if not thousands of undead attendees for its annual walk through the streets of San Diego. It is also known for its big afterparty, traditionally sponsored by cable network FEARnet.

What was supposed to be a big return for the ‘Walk in 2014 has been forced into disarray, thanks to FEARnet’s new parent Comcast and its decision to shutter the network earlier this year as plans for the afterparty began to form. Left without its main sponsor, the ZombieWalk has created a crowdfunding campaign, asking fans to help keep the tradition alive.

The campaign, hosted on Indiegogo, is planning two rounds of funding. The first, in which organizers are looking to raise $3,000, started earlier this week and ends Monday May 12 at midnight (fitting, isn’t it?). Perks include limited edition event posters by artist Gris Grimly (below), t-shirts featuring the Gris Grimly art, a chance to lead the ‘Walk, and a top contribution tier for a promotional partnership at $2500. We think this would be a great business opportunity for a local funeral home (or not).


Now, we want the event organizers to know who sent you, so if you want to contribute, we ask that you head over to the campaign page on Indiegogo and let them know you heard it from us.

Have you been to the ZombieWalk in years past? Let our readers know what you thought of it in the comments.

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