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Under the Tents: Smaug Painting Demo, Fallen, Naruto Statue, Artists, Panels, The Realmwalker Chronicles, Gravity Falls

We’re now in the time of year when if you look away for a minute, you might miss out on some exciting updates for July’s San Diego Comic-Con. Don’t worry though, we have you covered with a fresh “Under The Tents” full of news on panels from the Comics Arts Conference films, and Gravity Falls, as well as more exclusives, artist appearances, a novel making its debut at SDCC, and much more.

Here’s the stuff you might have missed for today:

  • Artist Jerry Vanderstelt announced on Facebook that he is currently in the process of designing a Smaug-centric portrait, to debut at San Diego Comic-Con. The piece will be available at booth #4719, and attendees can purchase canvas and print giclees. Vanderstelt will also be doing a live demo for the piece, reproducing it at a 4’x6′ scale during the convention at his booth.
  • Evil Ink Comics founder Adrian Lopez revealed on Twitter that Evil Inks will have a booth at this year’s SDCC – and it will be located next to professional cosplayer Phecda Suicide.

  • The upcoming film Fallen will be at San Diego Comic-Con, according to the author of the book series the film is based on, Lauren Kate.  During a recent Google Hangout with Penguin Random House’s Mexican division, Kate told a reporter (around the 58:39 mark in this video):

There is a big program planned for the Fallen movie at Comic-Con. I don’t know exactly which members of the cast yet, but the movie will be represented at Comic-Con. I will hopefully be there myself, if I can talk my baby into letting me go.

  • In a press release, VIZ Media announced and Gecco unveiled an upcoming Comic-Con exclusive: Naruto Shippuden. The Naruto figure is a “1/6 scale masterpiece of the world’s most popular ninja, clad in 4th Hokage coat version”, and will be sold at the VIZ Media booth (#2813) at SDCC. The figure will be priced at $150.
This upcoming Naruto figure will be $150 at the VIZ Media Booth.
  • Artist Robert Wilson is currently taking commission pre-orders for SDCC. You can request a commission, which range from $25-$50 for a single character, by clicking here.
  • Committed Comics will be holding an all day portfolio review/talent search at Comic-Con, looking for “the next wave of comic superstars.” Those interested in attending the Friday, July 25, session should head to Committed Comic’s site for all the details.
  • Fans of Mad Magazine cartoonist Tom Richmond can find him in two places at this year’s convention: The National Cartoonists Society booth, as well as the DC Booth. Richmond announced his full convention schedule on his site, including Comic-Con details.
  • A large part of Comic-Con’s panel presence is the Comics Arts Conference — and at lease some of those confirmations have gone out. Academic researcher Keegan Lannon and marketer Ford Dent will be presenting Comics and Form on Friday from 10:30AM-12:00PM in Room 26, Keegan announced on Twitter.

  • Comics author Neo Edmund announced on Twitter that he will be heading to Comic-Con to host some panels, though no word yet on what those panels are.

  • The Realmwalker Chronicles, a four novel epic fantasy series written by Lee Aarons, announced on its site that it will debut on Wednesday, July 23, at Comic-Con. You can read a four chapter preview of the first book, The first novel in the series, The Pillars of Natura, by clicking here.
  • Gravity Falls will be returning to San Diego Comic-Con for a panel, according to creator Alex Hirsch on Twitter. If you have an idea for how to make it “the best ComicCon panel ever”, you can tweet Hirsh @_AlexHirsch.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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