Extracurricular Activities’ Update: SDCC Postcards, Comic-Con 2014 Print

A few weeks ago, we told you about the upcoming Comic-Con print from Extracurricular Activities, the L.A.-based art studio started by husband-and-wife team Victoria Ying and Michael Yamada. We were so happy to see the response from our readers – so many of you fell in love, as we did, with their print which perfectly captured the joy of SDCC.

We also mentioned in the post that the booth (#1734) would have pre-stamped postcards of their prints at the booth, and a mailbox where attendees can send them to friends and family. Well, we’re happy to say we have an update on those, thanks to ECA’s Victoria Ying.

First, we have pictures of the postcards, and the mailbox they’ll have at the booth.

Just fill out the postcard and put it in the cute yellow mailbox at the booth. They’ll be dropping off the mail each night so you can send to your friends and family to tell them “Wish You Were Here”!

And in addition to the “Hall H” poster we showed you last time, they’ve also updated their previous Comic-Con print for 2014, which we are excited to unveil below:


Make sure you stop by the Extracurricular Activities booth, #1734, during Comic-Con and check them out online. And tell them the Blog sent you!

What do you think about ECA’s postcards and updated 2014 SDCC print? Let us know in the comments.

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