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NBC’s ‘The Blacklist’ Invades Tin Fish Resaraunt at Comic-Con

For the last several years, NBC has been using the Tin Fish — the restaurant located in the plaza directly across from the convention center — to promote its series, and as we previously reported, this year is no different.

For 2014, NBC has once again utilized the area to promote The Blacklist, in a big way. Attendees who walk by the area will see a giant billboard of actor James Spader from the series, lots of banners, and more. The entire front facade of the building also includes branding for the series and NBC.

Some setup on the area is still being done, but you can get a look at the setup today courtesy of Shawn “The Con Fluence” Marshall, in the pictures and videos below:

Excited that The Blacklist is heading back to the Tin Fish? Let us know in the comments.

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