Jeremy Rutz Departs as Editor-In-Chief of the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog

JeremyprofileAfter four years with the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog (two of which were served as Editor-in-Chief), Jeremy Rutz has made the decision to depart from the website and from Comic-Con news to focus more time and energy on both his family and a new career. We thank Jeremy for his hard work and dedication to providing our readers, and all attendees, with the most well-rounded San Diego Comic-Con coverage out there.

Jeremy’s focus on expanding coverage to every aspect of the convention, offering an unbiased perspective, and creating an engaging narrative have made a huge impact on both this site and the Comic-Con news world as a whole.

Jeremy shared his goodbye with his colleagues in a letter:

Hello everyone:

I have officially stepped down as Editor-in-chief and am resigning from any involvement with the site going forward. I’ve been working with Kerry in transitioning any accounts and processes we’ve put in place over the years so that she can take over, and that the handover is seamless to both the readers and staff.

As you all know, I’d been toying with the idea this past year. I’ve sacrificed my career and my family for the better part of two years to work on the site, but this past year has been increasingly challenging with both career and family requiring more of my time. And just this week, I’ve taken on a full-time position with a company I’ve been targeting for many years, which will require my full attention during the day, further limiting my time toward the site.

Starting immediately, Kerry has been promoted to Editor-in-chief. She will be responsible for any further changes in team roles and responsibilities. She’s definitely earned it, so congratulations and I wish her continued success. I know you’ll be able to reach the highest milestones together!

Lastly, someone mentioned the blog would not be the same without me, because I was the voice. Untrue. In the past two years as a team, you have all been that voice. Kerry with her dedication to the news and a clear focus on what our readers will want from the site; James with his Geekshot photos; Lisa with her uncanny ability to uncover information on the Internet; Shawn with his great videos and in-depth knowledge on attending conventions; Sarah with her great contributions for the site design; Kim with her dedication toward offsite events; and Evic with his contributions from a fan’s perspective. These individual contributions are the voice of the blog, I was just happy enough to facilitate a platform for them to be heard.

Kind regards,


Jeremy will be deeply missed, and the entire staff at the Unofficial Blog will be forever grateful for Jeremy’s hard work, passion, and everything he has taught over the years – a dedication to quality, a focus on teamwork, and putting fans above everything else. He’s also taught us that he does the best Dane DeHaan impressions, and that Scooby Doo is one of man’s greatest creations. But most importantly, Jeremy has challenged each of us to strive for better, every single day.

It is in that spirit that as we know The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog will continue on, bringing readers and fans the same level of news and editorial commentary that they’ve grown accustomed to. We have several exciting things already on the horizon, and we can’t wait to share them with you as we head toward San Diego Comic-Con 2015.

Thank you Jeremy. This isn’t an ending, but a new beginning.

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