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Reader Poll: Help Us Make Enchantment Under the SDCC Better Than Ever

2014’s Enchantment Under the SDCC event.

There’s a lot to love about San Diego Comic-Con, but one of our favorite things that we do all year is our annual reader party, Enchantment Under the SDCC. It’s held on Preview Night every year, and we offer lots of kickass giveaways and swag, which in the past has included everything from Hasbro Fast Passes to Loot Crate subscriptions to actual passes to the convention.

For 2015, we want to make our party the best that it possibly can be, and to be able to move to a larger space that can accommodate more of you, and offer you more — but we need the input of you, our readers.

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For the next few questions, here’s a look at last year’s “Hashtag” t-shirt:

Front - Hashtag Tee 2014
Front – Hashtag Tee 2014

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Do you have ideas to help us make the party better? Do you want to elaborate on any of these poll answers? Let us know in the comments.

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