Reader Poll: San Diego Comic-Con General Hotel Sale Experience

As almost anyone who participated in the San Diego Comic-Con General Hotel Sale yesterday is already aware of, the sale didn’t go as smoothly as we’d all hoped. Instead, it had some problems – but just how widespread those issues were is something that only Travel Planners knows.

So we’re asking our readers about your experience during the Hotel Sale (and thanks to user MediaSavant for the idea), to try to get a vague estimate of just how many people experienced certain problems.

As a reminder, there were two forms that attendees would have gotten during the hotel sale: The “good” form, with the normal hotel drop down box:


And the “bad” form, which had a scrollable text box, where you couldn’t rank your hotel choices (screenshot from @SDCCIndigo):


Let us know how your experience was:

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How was your experience? Let us know in the comments.

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