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Details About Conan Comic-Con Tapings Begin to Emerge

The most widely anticipated offsite at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con is without a doubt the Conan O’Brien tapings. Although very little has been announced yet about the show’s Comic-Con episodes, which will be filming at the Spreckels Theatre July 8-11, we’ve got a few updates today.

As first reported by An Englishman in San Diego, the Conan O’Brien website updated late this afternoon to show the Comic-Con dates. It lists 2:30PM as the time, meaning attendees who want to attend will likely have to devote a good chunk of their afternoon to the taping. It also appears that the tapings will be ages 16 and up.

Screen shot 2015-06-02 at 6.11.28 PM

The dates appeared on 1iota, which is a service that Conan uses for their other, regular show tapings — the tickets are normally free, and first come/first serve. We spoke with a representative at the Spreckels Theatre today who said they’d heard the tickets would be done in the form of a lottery, but that the decisions ultimately laid with the Conan people. Considering that they appear to be using the same service they do normally, we wouldn’t be surprised if these tickets were also first come/first serve.

[UPDATE] The website now states that if you want to be among the first to score a ticket, you should pre-register now on and sign up or the Team Coco Newsletter.

That’s not all, though — the site also mentions that reserved tickets will be issued as e-tickets through 1iota, and you’ll need to bring that confirmation and a matching photo ID on the morning of the show to claim a physical ticket. From there, “physical seats are seat-specific; once you’ve claimed your tickets you are welcome to leave and come back once the doors of the theater open”

Either way, expect these tickets to go fast.

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