LEGO San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives [UPDATE July 7]

When it comes to San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, everything is awesome when it comes to LEGO’s choices the last several years. The few fortunate souls that get their hands on Lego SDCC exclusives become owners of some of the priciest prizes of all. These exclusives are incredibly difficult to get their hands on and keep their value high.

New this year, you’ll need a winning ticket in order to purchase LEGO’s exclusives, which you’ll get from the Pavilion Terrace. Here are the instructions, from Collider:

LEGO SDCC Retail Exclusives: Winning ticket required for purchase
You must first enter the drawing by picking up a ticket (see below) and then attendees go to the LEGO booth to redeem their ticket if they have a winning ticket and purchase the set at the LEGO booth. The LEGO booth will be located in Hall D, booth #2829.

Ticket Drawing Location:Pavilion Terrace (Upper level outside Sails Pavilion). Attendees must first enter the main Convention Center entrance from the line at the front of the main building. Entry to the LEGO retail drawing at the Sails Pavilion will be from this line. Depending on the crowds, this line may start moving as early as 7:00am until supplies last.

Location includes multiple stairs. ADA attendees with mobility issues should go to the lobby B doors and use the glass elevators for access to the Sails Pavilion. They will be let up to the Sails Pavilion at the same time as the rest of the attendees.

Attendee badges only
One drawing per person, per day
Handicapped participants are encouraged to utilize official SDCC placeholder
Random drawing is for a chance to get a ticket to purchase at the LEGO Booth
Sets will not be distributed at the Pavilion Terrace
Must redeem ticket that day

And here’s the drawing schedule, from From Bricks to Bothans:

Drawing Schedule
Thursday–Sunday: Drawing starts shortly after the lines are let into the building until supplies last.

Thursday: LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes Action Comics #1 Superman™
Friday: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Throne of Ultron™
Saturday: LEGO Star Wars™ Dagobah™ Mini-Build
Sunday: There will be a drawing for tickets that have not been redeemed on this day

• Attendee badges only
• One drawing per person, per day
• Random drawing is for a chance to get a ticket to purchase at the LEGO Booth
• Sets will not be distributed at the Pavilion Terrace
• Must redeem ticket that day

Nothing will be sold or given away on Wednesday, Preview Night.

Here’s what’s awesome this year at the LEGO booth:

[UPDATE July 7] If you’ve been waiting for the final LEGO Minfigure reveal, then BZPower has the exclusive today. The last exclusive will be a transparent neon green LEGO BIONICLE Skull Scorpio Mask, that wil be given away Saturday at the con. Just like with the other minifigs, you’ll need to line up for a drawing happening at 12:30 on the Sails Pavilion Terrace until supplies run out.

That means the final schedule is:

  • Thursday: DC Super Heroes Red Arrow Arsenal
  • Friday: Marvel Super Heroes Captain America Falcon
  • Saturday: LEGO BIONCLE Skull Scorpio Mask

Here’s a look at the LEGO BIONCLE Skull Scorpio Mask, from BZPower:


[UPDATE June 23] Another day, another LEGO reveal – this time in the form of another minifig. Arrow character Arsenal, aka Roy Harper, will be getting the minifig treatment at SDCC, and fans can enter to win one of 1,500 Arsenals on Thursday at Comic-Con at the daily drawing in the Pavilion Terrace from 12:30PM.

The Wall Street Journal has more information.



[UPDATE June 22] Collider has the exclusive on the next LEGO exclusive, which harkens back to Action Comics #1 Superman cover, which features the caped hero lifting a car in a callback to the cover. The set has 145 pieces, and will retail for $39.99. Just like the other Comic-Con exclusives, you’ll need to get a ticket from the Pavilion Terrace in the morning in order to be eligible to purchase the set.


Here’s a look at the comic cover the scene is recreating:


[UPDATE June 19] Just like the last several years, LEGO will also have some exclusive, free minifgures that they’ll give away on Thursday-Saturday. These figures can be obtained by daily drawings, which in the past have been held in the Terrace Pavilion, the same place where this year’s purchasable-exclusives drawings are being held.

USA Today has the exclusive on the first minifig: a Marvel Secret Wars Sam Wilson Captain America minifig. From USA Today, here’s a look at the figure:


[UPDATE June 18] has the exclusive on the next LEGO Comic-Con exclusive: a Dagobah Set that recreates one of the most iconic scenes from The Empire Strikes Back. The set features 177-pieces, and will retail for $39.99. Both Skywalker’s X-wing and Yoda’s hut are a part of the set.

Also worth mentioning is that the article mentions that in order to purchase the set, “fans must pick up a ticket at the Pavilion Terrace”, which marks a difference over previous years, where you had to go to the booth for the exclusives.


[UPDATE June 12]

The first of LEGO’s exclusives has been revealed by The Hollywood Reporter as a Throne of Ultron, an Avengers: Age of Ultron inspired Marvel Lego set. The 203-piece set sells for $39.99.


LEGO is one scary booth, but do you plan to take it on? If so, what are you after? Let us know in the comments.

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