SDCC Unofficial Blog’s 2015 SDCC Photo and Video Experience

IMG_20130719_083629With Comic-Con just around the corner, we’re inviting our readers to once again share their moments and experiences via a Google+ Event. The goal is to try and create the feel of Comic-Con through other people’s photos and videos.

We hope you join us and add your moments and experiences by participating in our 2015 San Diego Comic-Con Photo and Video ExperienceIf you would like to participate, you can leave a comment below, tweet us or the event’s organizer, Evic, at @evico, or send us a message on Google+ and we’ll send you an invite.

Check out our article – Comic Con Photo Tips for some pointers.

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About Google+ Events

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To create your own event, click the event icon in the share box where you create posts. You can invite anyone you like, even if they don’t use Google+. People you invite who don’t use Google+ will be able to see the event details and say whether they’re going.
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About Party Mode

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When you enable Party Mode for an event, photos and videos taken on your phone while Party Mode is on are automatically uploaded to the event photo collection on Google+.

You will continue uploading new photos and videos until the event ends or you disable Party Mode. Anyone who can see the event can see your photos. Learn more about who can see Party Mode items.

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