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Friday Fun Poll: When Will San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Preregistration Occur?

november-calendarWe’ve been relatively quiet post-Comic-Con (we needed our sleep, okay?), but things are slowly going to start picking back up. With news of the Volunteer Interest List opening this week, and the Badge Validation period now closed, the next big thing on the horizon is Preregistration.

Comic-Con International has offered this hint as to the timeline for Preregistration: “Comic-Con 2016 Attendee Preregistration will open sometime after October 31, 2015″.

The most likely month for Preregistration, in our opinions, is November – last year’s Preregistration date was November 8, and although the year before, Preregistration occurred on February 8, that was an anomaly as they revamped the system to the current randomized waiting room (with everyone’s favorite spinning blue circle).

San Diego Comic-Con is set for July 20-24 in 2016, setting it roughly two weeks later than this year. Could that mean a later Preregistration date, or should we be keeping our eyes peeled for a November 7 announcement? Either way, we’ve probably still got at least a month to wait – last year, the Preregistration date wasn’t revealed until November 4, only four days before the actual registration event.

Vote in our poll, and let us know your reasoning in the comments.

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