San Diego Comic-Con Museum May Be Coming to Balboa Park

2015 comic con guide coverLast year’s “The Art of Comic-Con” Gallery exhibit at the San Diego Public Library may have been a test run for something bigger.

Comic-Con International announced today with The San Diego Hall of Champions in Balboa Park that they’ve been eyeing a partnership, to lease space to CCI to create a more permanent Comic-Con Museum.

“Comic-Con has been working with the Hall Of Champions as part of our continuing exploration of how best to ensure Comic-Con’s legacy. At this time we are in talks and while no decision has been made we are thrilled with the direction of those discussions,” Glanzer said in a press release.

The San Diego Hall of Champions is the nation’s largest multi-sport museum, which might be an odd marriage of interests – but considering both sports and Comic-Con International fans share a similar fervor and passion for their respective interests, it could wind up being really interesting.

“Regardless of the outcome, the San Diego Hall of Champions will continue to celebrate and recognize outstanding local athletic achievement and provide sports programming for the community, both of which are part and parcel to the lasting legacy of the Hall’s founder, Bob Breitbard,” Dan Shea, a San Diego Hall of Champions board member and longtime supporter, said. “We’re enthused to perpetuate Bob’s legacy through numerous awards programs and community sports programming initiatives to motivate and inspire San Diegans to reach their full potential.”

We’ll report more as it develops.

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