Conan Funko Pop! Figures to be Given Away through CCI Lottery


Want to get your hands on Conan‘s awesome Funko Pop! figures for 2016, but didn’t score tickets to one of the tapings where they’ll be given out? First of all, don’t give up hope yet – you can read our post on next steps for trying to get into a taping.

But for the rest of us, CCI is joining up with TBS to distribute a limited number of the Pop! figures to Comic-Con attendees Thursday – Sunday. Badged attendees can go to the Grand Hall C over at the Manchester Grand Hyatt (see map below) to draw for a chance to win. The drawing is random, and will start at 9AM each day, and continue until supplies run out.

There will be a different Conan Pop! Vinyl figure each day from Thursday through Sunday. For this, we suspect you will need a badge for the day you are drawing for.

You can read more on CCI’s site.


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