I Have/Don’t Have A Conan Ticket — Now What?

conan x-men1iota has been e-mailing out confirmed tickets to Conan taping hopefuls all day — but whether you’re on the receiving end, or staring sadly at your empty mailbox, there are some important next steps to take.

I Have A Ticket to Conan!

First of all, congratulations! Make sure that you actually follow the instructions in your e-mail to reserve the ticket — but you’re still not actually done. On the morning of your taping, you’ll need to head to Spreckles Theatre with your e-ticket and ID, between the hours of 9AM-2PM* (though last year, distribution really started around 8AM with standby distribution — and if your ticket lists a different time, go with that), and exchange it for a physical ticket.

The line will start forming earlier than 9AM, because this is Comic-Con that we’re talking about, but there’s no need to show up at the crack of dawn. While we don’t recommend showing up at 1:59PM just in case all tickets are given out,  there’s no need to rush. Tickets were distributed in a totally random order last year, so there’s no real advantage to getting the first ticket of the day or the 300th.

Finally, enjoy the show!

I Don’t Have a Ticket to Conan!

Deep breath — this is not necessarily the end of your Conan hopes and dreams. While it’s true that those who didn’t get on the waitlist at all are square out of luck (and if that’s you, okay, yes, this is the end of the road for you) — so long as you’re on the waitlist, you are not out of the Conan game just yet. Last year, hundreds made it in off the waitlist in the days leading up to the con (including, as we heard from one reader earlier today, at 10PM the night before the show). So, while it sucks that at the moment, you can’t add a taping to your schedule, keep the faith!

If on the morning of the show, you still don’t have a ticket — you can always try for standby. Head to Spreckles, and beginning at 8AM, Conan’s team will begin distributing numbered wristbands to those without an e-ticket. You’ll be given a time to retun, and if there are still available seats, they’ll be distributed to standby in order of the number on the wristbands.

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