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Patrick Ballesteros San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusives Schedule, More

Here at The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog, we’re big fans of the work of Patrick Ballesteros – his unique style always adds an extra bit of whimsy to Artist Alley on the show floor (where he can be found at Artist Alley Table DD-08 this year).

His 25 Cent Wonders collection in particular, which features kid versions of some of your favorite characters riding old-school mechanical rides like you used to find outside grocery stores, are both unique and playful. Ballesteros will be offering up a different Comic-Con exclusive print each day of the convention (and not just 25 Cent Wonders!), so you’ll want to stop by his booth every day for something new.

And now, we’re excited to announce that we finally have his full exclusives release, as well as some other information. Here’s a look at which very limited exclusives you’ll find at Artist Alley Table DD-08, and on what day:


He’ll also have a menu at his booth, showing the assortment of 25 Cent Wonders you’ll be able to purchase (limited quantities available for each). Here’s the full list, so study it now, so you’ll know which to grab at the booth (click to make larger):


And finally, here’s a look at his Triptychs – which are three big prints that combine to make an even larger print:


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