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‘The Gifted’ Wraps Up San Diego Comic-Con 2017 – Potential for Offsite

The Hilton Bayfront is getting all dressed up for San Diego Comic-Con this year, courtesy of The Gifted. Large banners alerting attendees that “The X-Gene Can’t Be Seen” and to “Get Tested” now are up on the Bayfront’s parking structure, as of today.

While that’s very exciting, we might be more excited about what this could potentially mean.

One of the things we’ve been most excited about here at The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog is an offsite activation that actually happened at Upfronts back in May (and you can read more about it on Deadline). There, FOX promoted The Gifted with a Sentinel Services Mutant Testing Center, where participants could choose to have their DNA “tested” to see if they were a mutant. Willing participants received a cheek swab genetic test from nurses at the testing station, with some being told that they carried the mutant gene. Everyone also received a “I Got Tested” sticker.

Street teams also roamed the area in New York, dressed as Sentinel Services agents and letting people know they could get tested. From Deadline, here’s a look:

There’s no word yet on whether this same activation, or a version of it, will show up at San Diego Comic-Con. But it seems more likely given the messaging on the banners.

Either way, The Gifted will be represented at San Diego Comic-Con with a panel on Friday, July 21 from 3:45PM-4:45PM in Ballroom 20.

(Please don’t let this be like the Mr. Robot ferris wheel!)

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