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Artist Alley Spotlight: Dan Veesenmeyer

With just over two weeks to go until San Diego Comic-Con, if you haven’t already started breaking out your spreadsheets and Google calendars to plot out your schedule and which booths you’re going to be stopping by – well, you’re clearly less stressed than us. But if you have started, there’s a name that you should probably add: Dan Veesenmeyer, who can be found at Artist Alley Table #EE-21.

If you’ve been reading our Under the Tents columns, you’re probably already familiar with Veesenmeyer’s work.

A contract illustrator that has been exclusively working on LEGO licensed product and publications (including the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super-Heroes 2 video game), Veesenmeyer turns your favorite pop culture characters into adorable LEGO creations.

He’ll have a limited run of 8″x11″ prints, featuring Wonder Woman, Princess Leia, and Spider-Man – which are limited to just 40 pieces each, and will retail for $10 each. Here’s a look:

Additionally, while his pre-ordered commissions list is full, you can swing by his table during the con for on-site commissions for fans (though his list fills up fast, so make sure to stop by as early in the day so you can to get on the list). Thursday-Sunday, you can stop by when doors open and get on the list on a first come/first served basis. Be sure to stay tuned for more of Veesenmeyer’s plans during the con!

Here’s a look at some of his already completed commission pieces for this year, to give you can idea. You can also find him on Twitter or on Instagram.

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