Artist Alley Spotlight: Sho Murase

With just days to go until San Diego Comic-Con, if you haven’t already started breaking out your spreadsheets and Google calendars to plot out your schedule and which booths you’re going to be stopping by – well, you’re clearly less stressed than us. But if you have started, there’s a name that you should probably add: Sho Murase, who can be found at Artist Alley Table #GG-24.

If you’ve been reading our Under the Tents columns, you’re probably already familiar with Murase’s work, who has a very unique style that results in gorgeous takes on both some of your favorite pop culture characters as well as new creations.

“People usually comment that my mix of cultures is reflected in my work, that they see the Asian and Western art influences,” Murase told us.

While she spends most of her time in advertising, animation, and entertainment jobs — doing design work for companies such as Disney, Warner Bros., Marvel Comics, DC Entertainment, and others — she still finds time for her personal work, though she wishes she had more time for it.

“Sequential storytelling is something I want to get back to. It has been too long since I last published comics, written and drawn by myself,” Murase said. “My first graphic novel SEI was published by Image Comics over a decade ago. I do covers from time to time, for titles such as Hawkeye for Marvel, and have drawn graphic novels in the past, more than 24 volumes of the graphic novel serialization of Nancy Drew. That’s a lot of pages, but is time to get back on my creator chair.”

At Comic-Con this year, Murase will have some finished originals in a different style than she normally uses. She will also have sketches, cover sketches, new prints, and a new book called Otogibanashi, with fairy tale characters.

Additionally, while her pre-ordered commissions list is full, you can swing by her table during the con to ask if she has any more room. Finally, she plans to also have DC Collectibles figures of Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn on display at the convention — which will also be available for pre-order at San Diego Comic-Con.

Additionally, Murase will be signing at the DC booth on Thursday, July 20 at 6PM, and doing a sketch demo on Saturday, July 22 at 3:15PM. Stop by, and you could also win two of Murase’s sketches!

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