FANDOM Party – A Look At One Of The Best Parties at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

One of the most sought after events at San Diego Comic-Con is a good party – and FANDOM delivered.

We all know some of the titans of industry throw amazing parties filled with free alcohol and celebrities at every turn, but many of us only hear tales of these legendary parties that are usually reserved for people in the industry or those who know much more important people. Attending, much less finding, a party like that which is open to the general public during SDCC can be quite the task.

Don’t be fooled, though: Amazing parties for people just you you and I do exist – and I was able to attend one.

For the second year, Wikia’s FANDOM hosted one of the best parties at the convention, and it was open to the general public. About a week or so before the convention, FANDOM opened their RSVP to the public – and was promptly filled in seconds. But for the lucky few who made it in before reservations were capped, you were treated to one of the best events at Comic-Con on Thursday night at Float Bar, located on the rooftop of the Hard Rock Hotel.

I arrived around 7:20 and the line was long but was moving – slowly, but still moving, which is a good sign at anything at Comic-Con. I made it in around 7:45, was given a wristband and directed upstairs to the party.

Upon entering I was given a Valiant Comics print signed by the artist, and then left to explore. There were two sides to the party which were separated by a series of VIP booths/cabanas. One side of the party was by the pool and included loungers and an arcade area (air hockey!), and the other side was the stage area where Big Boi, one half of Outkast, was going performing later on in the evening.

The party featured several open bars that were consistently busy all night, which is to be expected when free alcohol is involved. There was also free food all night, which ranged from chicken wings to tacos.

The party was sponsored by Pepsi, so you could skip the bar and grab a free Pepsi from one of the hostesses or grab one of the Game of Thrones inspired drinks that featured Pepsi Fire, Dragon fruit, and ice cream.

When Big Boi took the stage, he went through some of Outkast’s biggest hits to the delight of the party. Eight to ten songs were performed, while the crowd rocked out, including myself.

This was my first time attending the FANDOM Party and I really had a good time. A noticed a few celebrities running around, and a photo area was set up for attendees to use. Maybe most importantly, Wookie cookies were given out!

If FANDOM returns next year and you like to party, put this on your list of events to try to attend! You’ll get to feel like the VIP you know you are in your heart.

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