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‘The Tick’ Offsite Infests San Diego Comic-Con with Offsite [UPDATE]

Amazon will be back at San Diego Comic-Con this year with another offsite activation on the MLK Promenade Park (corner of 1st and J) — but this year, it’s The Tick Takeover. The activation will be open Thursday, July 20 – Saturday, July 22 from 9AM-6PM daily, and on Sunday, July 23 from 9AM-5PM.

Fans will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the world of The Tick at Amazon Prime Video’s Tick Takeover, a movie set level design experience positioned directly across from the San Diego Convention Center on MLK Promenade (on the corner of 1st and J street). With fully built out buildings from “The City,” a twenty-foot tall animatronic Tick head and “Easter eggs” harkening back to the show, The Tick Takeover is poised to give fans the journey of a lifetime.  Each “Citizen” will leave this enveloping SDCC highlight feeling more connected to the Amazon Original Series than ever before.


In addition, a #TeamTick street team will be roaming the streets of San Diego and users “seeking assistance” can ask Team Tick members for:

  • Ouchy, for a Band-Aid.
  • Sniffly, for a soft tissue.
  • Burny, for extra-protective sunscreen.
  • Sweaty, for some cooling towelettes.
  • Stinky, for deodorant.
  • Selfie, for that “picture-perfect hero pose.”
  • Chargy, “for that 1 percent battery power you’ve somehow managed to get away with.”
  • Achy, “for that extra hour you’re going to spend standing in line.”

Our own Parks and Cons is on-site to take a look at the construction of The Tick‘s offsite:



The Tick Takeover, at least on the outside, is mostly put together now:

The best part, though, is that it appears that it might have a real grab-and-go spot for lunch. It certainly looks real:


Additional details include:

  • Unexpected queueing experience  – Visible from all major landmarks at SDCC, an animatronic replica of the Tick’s head will surprise and delight citizens as they learn they are able to control the Tick’s “emotions” using levers that operate the giant 20ft animatronic build.
  • Challenge-based scavenger hunt – Citizens will be asked to help the Amazon Original Series’ two main protagonists, Arthur and The Tick, take down a group of evil-doers and prove that they too can be heroes. This multi-room experience will take place in four locations essential to the series storyline – Goat’s Deli, Arthur’s Apartment, The Warehouse, and The City Police Station.
  • Amazon Prime Member Lounge – a comfortable, cool environment where Citizens will have the chance to experience Amazon Prime benefits as they stream the pilot episode of the Amazon Original Series, The Tick. Attendees can also unlock digital badges hidden within the space to win exclusive promotional items.
  • Custom mural from “The Most Famous Artist” – Viral art sensation, Matty Mo, also known as “The Most Famous Artist,” will create a one-of-a-kind art piece featuring Superian, providing Citizens with the opportunity to share an “Instagrammable” moment from The Tick Takeover. The Most Famous Artist will also be responsible for creating and curating all the graffiti tags seen around The City.
  • During their adventures at SDCC, Citizens will be able to call upon the #TeamTick street team for help when they are in a bind. Need help with that selfie? Have a painful blister? Have no fear… Team Tick is here! In true Tick form, Team Tick will be taking to the streets of San Diego helping the helpless and defending the defenseless. Citizens seeking assistance from the street team need only flag down a member of Team Tick, adorned with blue antenna, to get help for their distress.
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