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Toddland San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Exclusives [UPDATE July 8]

It’s time for the charm bomb to explode, as Toddland has started announcing this year’s San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

Just like last year, Toddland is teaming up with Bob’s Burgers to bring you a mouth-watering array of exclusives available at Booth #4429, and they may just have a surprise or two hidden under their aprons. Exclusives will be available for pre-order on Toddland’s site for pick-up at the convention — if you’re ordering for a friend to pick them up for you, make sure you notate their name in the order.

[UPDATE] Toddland is bringing Quahog to San Diego! The Griffin family has hired Toddland to have their yard sale for them — so that’s exactly what’s happening.

New this year, Toddland is on the move — and getting bigger (and better). They’re expanding to a 10×20 booth, directly next to FOX, and they’ll have exclusives for both Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy. Half of the booth will be the Bob’s restaurant set-up that you know and love, while the other half will now be set up like the front yard of the Griffins in Family Guy. Excited yet?

[UPDATE #2] A little bird told us that voice cast from both Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers will be stopping by the Toddland booth at some point during the convention. If you see @toddlandstore mention on Twitter that cosplayers should stop by first thing in the morning for “reasons” — well, we know our readers are smart. You’ll figure it out.

Look for more announcements and more exclusives coming very soon!

Here’s a look at this year’s offerings:

[UPDATE July 8] Are you a smart, sensual woman (or man)? If so, then odds are that you’re going to need Toddland’s third wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, which are all now available for pre-order for convention pick-up for both Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy! (and a pro tip – if purchasing both Family Guy and Bob’s Burgers merch, your pick-up time will go faster if you create a separate order for each property!). This will likely be the last of the Bob’s Burgers pre-orders (and it’s also the start of the Family Guy ones!), though make sure you stop by Toddland Booth #4429 for surprises and secret items, as well as signings, a giveaway, and more. Plus, there will also be a signing with artist Dave Perrillo on Friday, July 21 from 11AM-1PM on the Family Guy side of the booth.

Pre-ordering is the best way to ensure that you get the size shirt that you want — and hurry, as pre-orders may close at any time.

San Diego 2017 Line Tee ($28): The whole family is in line, just like you are. And Marshmallow and Teddy are joining them this year! We’re not sure who they know to all get badges. (4.2 oz 100% cotton 30 singles jersey tee aka, the nice soft ones)

Burger of the Day Tee (heather gold & light gray) ($28). Toddland’s annual and most popular shirt, this year’s design features the San Di-Egg-O Burger that comes with a sunny side up egg. Because it’s sunny in San Diego. Comes in light gray is (4.2 oz 100% cotton 30 singles jersey tee aka) and gold (3.8 oz., 50/25/25 polyester/combed and ringspun cotton/rayon, 40 singles, aka, SUPER soft)

Hot Pants Rain Dance Tee ($25). It’s. Raining. Men. Unzip your own pickle or ask Teddy to do it, this shirt is our celebration for how good of a job Linda really did on those pickle costumes. (3.8 oz., 50/25/25 polyester/combed and ringspun cotton/rayon, 40 singles, aka, SUPER soft)


Beefsquatch Tee ($25). This is you now! Well, it could be your shirt now. If you pre-order it. (3.8 oz., 50/25/25 polyester/combed and ringspun cotton/rayon, 40 singles, aka, SUPER soft)

Teddy Bob Burgers Tee ($25). Don’t feed a guy a sponge Bobby. Why does it say Bob Burgers? It’s it Bob’s Burgers? We love Teddy. (3.8 oz., 50/25/25 polyester/combed and ringspun cotton/rayon, 40 singles, aka, SUPER soft)

Tote ($15). Sells out every event. For SDCC its a giant burger, printed on both sides 100% cotton. Limited to 250 pieces.

Thundergirls Notepad ($5). Everyone’s favorite “Bring me back something from comic con!” $5 item to get your friends. Blank lined 5×7 notepad. Limited to 500 pieces.

Rupert Plush ($28). The first ever Rupert plush. only 200 pcs, super soft, and his head flops around. Adult collectible, not a toy. Limited to 200 pieces.

The Road to San Diego Tee ($28). Stewie and Brian are in their comic con gear and headed to san diego with Rupert!

The Road to San Diego Postcard Tee ($28). Nobody sends postcards anymore, so wearing a tee shirt with one on it is like sending everyone that sees you a postcard.

Con-suela Tee ($28). No. no….. Ballroom 20 no here……..

Evil Monkey Tee ($28). We know he’s not evil anymore, but its not like that is going to stop you from buying him.

Crazy Stairs ($28). Ohhhhhh noooo, did that hit crazy stairs??

Dave Perillo “Crazy Stairs” ($35). 18×24 4 colors art print. signed and numbered by the artist Available for pre-order but not available for pick-up Preview Night. Artist will be at toddland (#4429) on Friday, July 21 signing these as well as anything else of his art that you bring. Limited to 100 pieces.

Dave Perillo “Crazy Stairs” 175 gm UltraStar Ultimate Disc ($25). Now you can buy crazy stairs, frame it, and break it yourself, just like Stewie! Limited to 50 pieces.

Pins ($8 each). Limited editions of 125-250 pieces.

Pins ($15). Limited editions of 125-150.

[UPDATE July 5] Toddland’s second wave of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives (with more still to come!) are now available for pre-order for convention pick-up! Just like with the Toddland x KidRobot blind box figures, if you pre-order, you can pick up any day of the con, and ensures that what you want won’t sell out. These are all true San Diego Comic-Con exclusives — only available at the show (though in the unlikely event that any item doesn’t sell out, it may go up online after the show).

Bob Wallet ($28). Don’t let your wallet go lip bald! Grab this Bob wallet, which includes a fuzzy mustache and a mustache sticker inside for your ID. Limited to 150 pieces.

Louise Wallet ($28). Everything is better with Louise bunny ears — including this wallet, which has ears that bend and affix to the back of the wallet, so it’s both adorable and functional. It also includes a boo boo insert. Limited to 150 pieces.

Lil Bob Pillow ($28). Drift off to sleep each night to dreams of Chile Relleno-You-Didn’t Burgers with this double-sided Lil Bob (Gene as Bob) pillow. Limited edition of 125.

Mr. Business Pillow ($28). There’s no business like Mr. Business — and you can get to the serious business of sleeping with this double-sided Mr. Business cat pillow. Limited edition of 100 pieces.

Bob’s Apron ($15). You’ve been asking for it — and Toddland is delivering! No longer do you have to try to buy the Bob’s Burgers aprons off the Toddland employees (hint: They can still be bribed with cookies, just no raisins!) — you can own one of your own.

Tammy Scrunchie ($5). Don’t get your pubes in a tube! Grab this purple scrunchie, just like Tammy wears.

Pins ($8 each). Assorted Bob’s Burgers pins, including a San Di-Egg-O Burger and a Buttloose Tina.

Kuchi Kopi Two-Pack of Pins ($15). Kuchi Kopi is many things to many people — and to you, he can be this Toddland two-pack of pins.

[UPDATE June 26] If you love KidRobot’s line-up of Bob’s Burgers blind boxes, then you’re going to want to order a double-double of these San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. Toddland have teamed up with KidRobot for two San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Bob’s Burgers blind box figures — Blonde Linda and Underpants Gene. These are only available at the con, with a ratio of 50/50 between the two figures — with a strict limit of four boxes per order/per day. You can pre-order the blind boxes now for $15 on Toddland’s site, but hurry — they could close at any time.

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