YESTERDAYS San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive Pins Available At Munky King [UPDATE]

Stick a pin in it. Yesterdays will have several Comic-Con exclusive pins available at Munky King Booth #4851, including collaborations with Alex Pardee, Jeffrey Brown, more. The pins will be $10-$12, with The Dark Judges retailing for $30 for the 4-pack.

They have also teamed up with IDW/Hasbro to bring some exclusive Transformers and GI Joe enamel pins to Comic-Con this year. Each design will be released on different days of the convention, including:

Wednesday: Autobot Shield

Friday: Bumblebee
Saturday: Cobra Badge and Decepticon Shield
All IDW/Hasbro pins can be purchased from Yesterdays at Booth #4851 and the IDW booth. Be sure to stop by the IDW booth for more Hasbro pins made by Yesterdays. Here’s a look:

Additionally, Yesterdays will be bringing new The Walking Dead faction badges from Skybound. Attendees can choose from Survivors, Saviors, Hilltop and the Kingdom – and here’s a look at those:

Here’s a look at their other exclusives:

Deadly Class (Silver Edition) Enamel Pin
Edition of 150

Black Science (Glow In The Dark Edition) Enamel Pin
Edition of 150

Dick Tracing by Alex Pardee Enamel Pins
Editions of 150

Pinnywise Enamel Pin by Tomi Monstre
Edition of 150

Enamel Pins by Jeffrey Brown, creator of Darth Vader and Son
Editions of 150

Dark Judges Enamel Pin 4-Pack
Edition of 200

Judge Dredd, Black and White (Inked Edition) Enamel Pin
Edition of 100

Stardust by Fletcher Hanks Enamel Pin
Edition of 150

Fantomah by Fletcher Hanks Enamel Pin
Edition of 150

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