Dear Santa: Comic-Con Wish Lists for 2018

Dear Santa Comic-Con…

Well, it’s the holiday season and the Ublog staff are sending their letters to the jolliest of people, Santa Comic-Con. We wanted to share our letters of hope and joy for all to see at Comic-Con in the coming year.

No, we don’t want a rock and roll electric guitar or a little baby doll – just low crowds, every movie studio ever, and all the hottest exclusives. Okay, we’d honestly probably settle for just “well-trained Comic-Con security”. But we know that’s a lot to ask, Santa. Especially on top of all of our other Christmas wish lists.

Dear Santa Comic-Con,

It’s been quite the year, Santa, and boy do I have some requests for you because obviously I am on the nice list. I can’t say the same for all those naughty kids who had fake Hall H wristbands, however. This year I am asking you for a few things and I promise to be good for another year if you make them happen!

First, I would LOVE to have some big attractions in Hall H on Thursday, and not just because I want to attend, but because it draws more crowds away from everything else! Second, and most important, can we get more Jeff Goldblum? He needs his own dedicated panel and I’d need a front row, reserved seat. Come’on Santa, don’t let me down.

With Love,


PS. At least make it a cool July, day time temps no higher than 70 each day during SDCC. Maybe some slight showers?

Dear Santa Comic-Con,

I wish for you to stricken Robert’s request for some rain from the record. Just kidding. Kind of.

I know you already fulfilled a lot of my wish lists for Comic-Con since we put together a list all the way back in 2014 (Netflix! More immersive offsites! Lots of years of Nerd HQ, even if last year was a different iteration of it!), but I’ve got a few more requests, if you’re not too tired from cobbling together all those new Ballroom 20 chairs it sounds like we’re getting.

First, I’d really like Netflix to return – they made a huge splash this year, and basically dominated a lot of the con. But, uh, can they please bring along Sense8? It’s the last chance we’ll get to see that amazing cast, and sure, it might mean we have to wait a bit longer to see the finale, but you’d be making me really happy. I also wouldn’t complain if GLOW or Mindhunter turned up.

I’d also really love Nerd HQ proper back up and running in 2018, Santa. Preferably with a guaranteed seat at every panel. It’s possible my Comic-Con wish lists haven’t changed that much since 2014, actually.

You think we could also get both Marvel Studios and Star Wars in the same year? No? Okay, I’ll show myself the door.

I left some cookies and milk for you,


Dear Santa Comic-Con,

Well, haven’t you been busy this year! I don’t know how you managed to pull off four badge sales in one year, but you did it. You’ve certainly brought us more Comic-Con in 2017 than I ever thought possible, and while others may complain, I’d like to thank you. Like Christmas, we should feel the Comic-Con love all year.

First, I would like to echo Robert’s request for cooler weather. While I’m thrilled with all the recent upgrades happening at the San Diego Convention Center, which included an overhauled HVAC system, does it really need to work so hard to keep us comfortable? Sunny and 75° with about 10% humidity should be just right.

I’d also like to echo Kerry’s request for Nerd HQ to make its triumphant return. It’s been one of my favorite parts of Comic-Con for several years.

For my personal request, I’d like to see Artists Alley grow. I know the big guys like Fox (RIP), WB, Marvel, and DC take up a lot of room and pay a premium for it, but can we find some extra space to exhibit some of these great artists’ fine work? After all, would we even have a Comic-Con without them?

Thanks for giving us a great 2017. I’m sure you’ve placed the biggest lumps of coal you could find in the stocking of anyone who was involved with that whole fake Hall H wristband fiasco. While you enjoy Kerry’s cookies and milk, please also help yourself to some brownies and egg nog.

Your friend,


PS: I also agree with Robert about Jeff Goldblum. He should be featured as much as Stan Lee. All JG, all the time.

Dear Santa Comic-Con,

You can go ahead and do everything all the others asked for, I won’t mind. I’m going to need something pretty special though so I’m going to bribe you, er, leave you a slightly less traditional treat. How about some fish tacos, beer from Stone, and a Hodad’s chocolate shake to finish it off? This is San Diego after all.

So about that thing I want… Can you please bring back offsite panels like Conival and Nerd HQ? I just want to have a chance to get some good photos of the panelists, because let’s be honest, the lighting isn’t all that great inside the convention center. Ballroom 20 is the best available, and Hall H has improved, but we all know they aren’t lighting for photos.

On the chance this is just too much to ask, I’ll gladly settle for all the people I want to see being in Ballroom 20 and no conflicts. That’s not too much to ask is it?

Humbly, and with much gratitude,


Merry Convention Season!

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