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Attendee of the Week: Gabriela Taveras

Every week from now until San Diego Comic-Con, we’re celebrating you: our readers! So let’s meet this week’s Attendee of the week:

Gabriela Taveras


Where are you traveling from?

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

How many years have you been attending?

2017 was my first SDCC!

What was your favorite panel and why?

The Big Bang Theory and Marvel panels were my favorites! During the former, I was able to ask a question in front of more than 6,000 people in Hall H! The second was absolutely hilarious, and I’ll never forget how amazing it was to see the Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok casts! Though the icing on the cake was, by far, seeing the Infinity War trailer, presented by Jon Bernthal and Kevin Feige!

What is your favorite exhibitor or artist booth and why?

I really enjoyed the Diamond Select, Marvel, and DC Booths, and the independent comic retailers, to mention a few! Seeing amazing statues, artists, and celebrities was truly a once in a lifetime experience. I’ll never forget trying to make my way through a sea of people to catch a glimpse of the Justice League! Luckily enough, I’d have the opportunity to meet most of them a few months later in Long Island! Also, being able to see mint edition issues of comics such as The Million Dollar Debut of Barbara Gordon was priceless!

What’s your favorite item you’ve ever taken home from the convention (swag, exclusive, merch, etc.)?

I’m not much of a shopper during cons, but I absolutely loved my Conan as Spider-Man Funko Pop, my SDCC shirts and bag, and Kotobukiya’s Bruce Wayne statue!

What was your favorite autograph session and why?

My best 2017 SDCC memory was meeting the cast of Black Panther at the Marvel booth, and getting a picture with Letitia Wright, the one and only Shuri! Meeting them was one of my friend and mine’s main goals, and what makes this experience even better was that we didn’t even win the autograph drawing. We chatted about the dance competition with one friendly Marvel worker, and since the contest was after the BP signing, we were asked to wait on the side. We fangirled when we saw Chadwick, Winston, and Letitia, so imagine our surprise when that same Marvel guy asked us if we wanted to meet the cast! We nearly cried out of excitement, and got to make great conversation with all of them!

Chadwick poked fun at my Batman shirt, and Winston, Letitia and I bonded over our Latin American roots! It was such an incomparable moment, and it proves that kindness and good karma go a long way!

What is your favorite con snack?

Anything from the food trucks right outside by the marina! They were godsends during our two-night Hall H wait.

Tell us about your most memorable celebrity encounter?

Meeting the Black Panther cast was the icing on the cake, but I also FINALLY got to meet Scott Snyder and Tom King, as well as other famous people who’d worked on Batman comic runs!

What is (or was) your favorite offsite and why?

I absolutely LOVED the West World offsite! Though this one might be considered cheating, since I attended during New York Comic Con, since the SDCC lines were too crazy – not many people are willing to camp out in the Hudson Yards! I also enjoyed the Petco Interactive Zone, where we took some awesome pics, and got some sweet Mr. Mercedes swag!

What is your favorite restaurant in downtown San Diego?

Oh god, the Gaslamp Quarter had so much to offer! Now if only I could remember the name of the place where I had the best burrito ever…

What is your favorite Comic-Con memory/moment?

Meeting the cast of Black Panther, and winning all of the Sails Pavilion autograph drawings I’d camped out for before jumping back in line on time for a triumphant Hall H entrance with my line buddies! Also, my first night camping out for Hall H was hilarious – my friend and I shared a blanket, and all the while we talked to so many great people in line! I was officially called a blanket hogger, but also the one person who has everything a SDCC survival bag should have!

Do you have any advice for a first time attendee?

Have only ONE thing you absolutely have to do, but don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t work out. I was so disappointed after realizing all Justice League tickets were gone, that I didn’t realize I could’ve jumped in line for West World, my favorite TV show! Therefore, be sure to plan multiple schedules, and give yourself enough time to explore the offsites and smaller panels. Be willing to adapt, and you’ll never know what amazing opportunities will come your way! Believe me, this year I’ll take things in stride as a volunteer, and I’ll make sure to be realistic and flexible with my expectations.


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