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Hilton Bayfront Lawn Comes Together for San Diego Comic-Con 2018 with FX, FOX, Adult Swim, More

The Hilton Bayfront Lawn and the area directly behind the convention center always house some of our favorite offsites – like Adult Swim, FX, and FOX Fanfare.

Parks and Cons gets a look as it all comes together.

[UPDATE July 17 #2]

More details emerge as the lawn outside the Bayfront takes shape with Adult Swim and FX, as well as the IMDBoat getting ready to set sail, er, set dock…?

[UPDATE July 17]

Things are progressing along at FOX Fanfare, with setup having started for The Simpsons couch photo op.

There’s also work being done on Family Guy.

And The Passage.

[UPDATE July 16 #2]

FX now has Legion and Archer under way on the lawn:

[UPDATE July 16]

Let’s start with FX, which is all about the mixture of TV and art this year. Here’s some cool signage for Mayans M.C.

And the wrap on the Bayfront is now almost complete.

Meanwhile, things are being set up for FOX Fanfare, with multiple installations, including The Passage.

The Cosmos Dome.

Family Guy.

But we’re most excited for Adult Swim State Park.

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