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I Scream, You Scream – We All Scream for DC Comics Giving Us Free Ice Cream

As everyone knows, all the best offsites feature food – and DC Comics is bringing the heat this year. Or actually, not the heat, as they’re bringing ice cream.

DC Comics will present a Super Hero Ice Cream Experience at Petco Park (in what we assume is The Experience, formerly the Petco Interactive Zone), where they will be giving out free samples of some superhero ice cream and offering fun giveaways throughout the week.

The ice cream flavors — which are now available in grocery stores nationwide — come in Dark Knight Brownie Bite, Golden Lasso Twirl, and Krypton Cookie Dough.

It appears the ice cream will be served out of stands set up to resemble the ice cream containers, so they make for that perfect selfie.

With as toasty as San Diego Comic-Con has gotten in recent years, this is one offsite we’re calling super.

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