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Monogram International San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusives [UPDATE July 24]

[UPDATE July 24] Did you miss out on stopping by Monogram’s booth during San Diego Comic-Con? There’s still hope for you! A few of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives — including the Rick and Morty Pickle Jar Set, the Nightmare Before Christmas set, and others, are available now to order and have shipped to your home.


Monogram International always brings some exciting licenses to San Diego Comic-Con, including DC, Marvel, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and more. What will the company bring in 2018?

You can find all of Monogram’s exclusives at Booth #3645 – and inventory won’t be held back each day, so once something is gone, it’s gone. Plan ahead! Even better than that? In July, all of Monogram’s exclusives will be going up for pre-sale on their website daily from July 9 – July 11 at 10AM PT. There will be daily allotment, and once all stock for that day is sold out, it is gone until the enxt day. All pre-orders will be shipped to US addresses only, starting the week after Comic-Con.

Let’s take a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE July 10]

While not a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, monogram will have a few My Hero Academia 3D Foam Key Ring sets on hand at their booth – so stop by. They’ll retail for $25.

[UPDATE July 2] Monogram has saved the best for last, with a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive Rick and Morty “Pickle Rick” themed Gift Jar Set. The set – which is limited to 600 pieces – features keychains of Pickle Rick and Pickle Rick in Rat Suit, as well as Morty in Therapy and Sewer Jaguar, and also rare Flip the Pickle, Morty button pins. It comes packaged in a small glass mason jar, and will retail for $35.

[UPDATE June 29] What’s this? What’s this? It’s Monogram’s next two San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, starting with a Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary Mugs & Pin Gift Set. The set includes Jack and Sally mugs, a 25 years anniversary enamel pin, and comes packaged in a special display box. It’s limited to 300 pieces, and will retail for $30.

They also have a Lilo & Stitch Lanyard and Pin Set, which features a fun lanyard of Stitch holding a guitar. It comes with three rock-and-roll themed Stitch enamel pins. It’s limited to 400 pieces, and will retail for $15 each.

[UPDATE June 25] Monogram has two more San Diego Comic-Con exclusives for attendees this morning, starting with the Sailor Moon Magnetic Medallion Enamel Pin Set. This is the first of Monogram’s new Magnetic Medallion Pin Set offerings, and this version includes magnetic pins for Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Jupiter. It will retail for $35, and is limited to 300 pieces.

They’ll also have a Harry Potter Collector’s Gift Set, which features a keychain of Dumbledore wielding the Elder wand, a Hogwarts laser cut magnet, and a Harry on Broom laser cut magnet. It also includes an entirely new Monogram lanyard decorated with Harry Potter characters, and a special soft touch Harry Potter charm. It’s limited to 300 pieces, and will retail for $30.

[UPDATE June 22] Monogram has ANOTHER two Comic-Con exclusives to round out this week, starting with a Naruto Shippuden – 3D Foam Key Ring 5-Piece Set. The set includes Naruto, Gaara, Kakashi, Sasuke, and Orochimaru – all of which come packaged in a special Naruto-themed display box. It’s limited to 300 pieces, and will retail for $40.

They’re also bringing a Kingdom Hearts Lanyard which features some of your favorite Kingdom Hearts characters. It also includes lapel pins for Mickey Mouse, Sora, and Heartless. It’s limited to 400 pieces, and will retail for $15.

[UPDATE June 18] Monogram has two (yes, two!) San Diego Comic-Con exclusive announcements for you two, starting with this weekend’s biggest hit: The Incredibles 2 3D Foam Key Ring 3-Piece Set. The set features Jack-Jack in a regular mask and suit, as well as a Fire Jack-Jack using his Fire Power, and a Metal Jack-Jack using his Metal Power. It’s limited to just 300 pieces, and will retail for $25.

Then, they also announced a Thor Ragnarok Pewter Key Ring 2-Piece Set, which includes Thor’s Hammer Mjölnir and a Golden Hulk Fist. It comes packaged in a black, suede-lined collector’s display box, and is limited to just 300 pieces. It will retail for $20.

[UPDATE June 15] Make sure you never feed Monogram’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive set after midnight! Monogram is bringing a Gremlins 3D Foam Key Ring 3-Piece Gift Set, which includes Gizmo, Stripe in a “I LOVE NY” T-shirt, and Gizmo in a Santa Hat. It’s limited to just 300 pieces, and will retail for $25.

[UPDATE June 11] Street Fighter is taking to the streets — of Comic-Con, that is. Monogram revealed their latest San Diego Comic-Con exclusive: The Street Fighter 3D Foam Magnets 4 Piece Set. The set includes Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile in a set limited to only 300 pieces. It will reveal for $20.

[UPDATE June 8]

Ohana means family – but it also means San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. Monogram International revealed a SDCC exclusive Lilo and Stitch 4-Piece 3D Foam Magnet Set, which includes Lilo, Stitch With Tongue Out, Elvis Stitch, and Alien Stitch. The set, which comes packaged in a special PVC display box, retails for just $20 and is limited to 300 peices.

[UPDATE June 5]

Monogram International is bringing a little magic to San Diego Comic-Con with a Harry Potter Lanyard Set. The all-new lanyard features Harry Potter characters, and includes pins for the Deathly Hallows, Hogwarts Crest, and a Gold Snitch. It will retail for $15, and is limited to 400 pieces.

Additionally, they’re celebrating Thor: Ragnarok and bringing along a Thor and Hulk 3D Foam Magnet Set, The set will retail for just $10, and is limited to 300 pieces – and it includes rare design for the magnets.

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