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San Diego Trolleys Get Wrapped Up for San Diego Comic-Con 2018 [UPDATE July 1]

We’re now just weeks away from San Diego Comic-Con 2018, and signs that the convention are just around the corner are starting to pop up, starting with the San Diego trolleys, which have just received their annual makeover.

[UPDATE July 1] We got a first look at the latest San Diego Metropolitan Transit System wrap, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con 2018. While it sounds like Disney won’t be in Hall H this year, you can find them on several trolley cars, promoting Disneyland’s Pixar Fest, which continues through September 3. It might just make the perfect pre or post SDCC side-trip.

[UPDATE June 26] FOX is clearly going hard on Bob’s Burgers at San Diego Comic-Con this year, with two new wraps spotted by by Rob Bishop

[UPDATE June 23] The trolley wraps just keep coming this year, with three (!) new wraps appearing today. First up, as spotted by Rob Bishop, we’ve got two new wraps for FOX’s Bob’s Burgers, featuring Tina and Gene.

And then, very curiously, Sarabeth Pollock of Fansided spotted a new wrap for the ABC WBTV series Whiskey Cavalier, featuring the faces of series stars Lauren Cohan and Scott Foley. The series is a “high-octane” dramedy about FBI/CIA agents who lead “an inter-agency team of flawed, funny, heroic spies who periodically save the world (and each other)” – and we’ve long suspected that it’s a big contender for a Wednesday night pilot screening in Ballroom 20. Plus, despite being a midseason series, it was just at ATX in Austin – so it seems like a no-brainer that it would also make an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con. Also, while it’s possible ABC paid for the wrap, the series is owned by Warner Bros. TV – which, to the best of our recollection, has never done a trolley wrap before. So expect a lot of promotion for Whiskey Cavalier at SDCC this year.

[UPDATE June 19] Syfy has shared a better look at the artwork for the trolleys this year, including HAPPY!KryptonDeadly ClassNightflyers, and Wynonna Earp:

[UPDATE June 18] Cool San Diego Sights caught a glimpse of the eleventh (yes, eleventh!) San Diego Comic-Con trolley wrap today, this time for the TBS animated series Final Space. We already know it will have a panel, so it’s not a huge shock — but nice to see more new designs.

[UPDATE June 15] Cool San Diego Sights got a closer look at this year’s Conan wrap – which confirms Spreckles Theatre, and mentions a very curious “TeamCocoHouse” on 4th Avenue [Editor’s Note: PLEASE LET IT BE BINGO!]:

[UPDATE June 14] San Diego MTS just revealed another new trolley wrap via Twitter for Conan Live from Comic-Con. Check out the wrap in their video preview:


[UPDATE 13 – #2] Cool San Diego Sights has done it again, and scored the first look at a brand new San Diego Comic-Con trolley wrap. This time, it’s for FOX’s The Gifted. Considering FOX went all out on the series in 2017 with their banner wraps on the Hilton Bayfront and the Mutant Testing Center, we’re not surprised they’re pushing the series hard again in 2018.

[UPDATE June 13] Outside Comic-Con got a closer look at the Family Guy trolley wrap today.

[UPDATE June 12] FOX animation will be will-represented at San Diego Comic-Con this year. Rob Bishop got a glimpse at the latest new trolley wrap, this time for FOX’s Family Guy.

[UPDATE June 11 #3] Cool San Diego Sights got a closer look at both the Deadly Class and Nightflyers trolley wraps.

[UPDATE June 11 #2] Outside Comic-Con is on the case again, finding three new trolley wraps — for Syfy’s upcoming series Deadly Class (which was already revealed to be attending the convention) and the other new Syfy series, Nightflyers. The latter of which is based on the George R.R. Martin story of the same name — so this is a good sign it will also be attending the convention.

There’s also a new wrap for FOX’s The Simpsons.

She also got a better look at wraps for The Magicians and Wynonna Earp.

[UPDATE June 11] Hope you’re hungry for San Diego Comic-Con news, because there’s a new trolley on the menu: This time, for Bob’s Burgers. Outside Comic-Con gave us our first peek at the new trolley wrap yesterday:

But today, Rob Bishop revealed11 that it’s hitting the road (or the tracks):

[UPDATE June 9] The Syfy trolley wraps just keep coming! Cool San Diego Sights caught a glimpse of another new Comic-Con wrap, this time for Wynonna Earp, featuring fanart by Arne Ratermanis.

[UPDATE June 8] Joining Syfy series Krypton and HAPPY! is The Magicians, as Twitter user BFTPamela caught a glimpse of one of the new trolleys.

[UPDATE June 7] And the trolleys have already hit the streets! Cool San Diego Sights spotted the trolleys out and about in San Diego, and shared a closer look at this year’s Syfy designs for Krypton and HAPPY!

[UPDATE June 6] The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System shared our first look at this year’s trolley wraps – which this year will include a record-breaking 40+ trolleys all decked out for Comic-Con. Up first? It looks like Syfy is bringing back their #ItsAFanThing, with a new twist: They’re celebrating “It’s a Fan(Made) Thing” this year, and some fanart is being featured on the trolley cars.

The trolley cares also feature designs for Syfy series Krypton and HAPPY!, which is also a strong indicator that both will be back inside the convention center this year. The trolleys will begin hitting the rails later this week.

Digital artist Alyssa Veysey showed off a closer look at the HAPPY! art she created for the trolley (click for larger):

What designs are you hoping to see on the San Diego MTS trolleys this year? Let us know in the comments.

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