Syfy Series ‘Deadly Class’ Will Be In Session at San Diego Comic-Con 2018

There’s going to be a new kid on the San Diego Comic-Con block this year: Syfy’s Deadly Class.

The upcoming series, based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel by Rick Remender and Wes Craig, and hailing from Avengers: Infinity War directors and executive producers Joe and Anthony Russo, already seemed like a pretty sure bet for San Diego Comic-Con 2018. But on an Instagram Live video yesterday, series star Benjamin Wadsworth confirmed that the show will be heading to San Diego this July.

“We’re going to be going to Comic-Con in July,” Wadsworth told viewers. “It’s going to be super fun. We’re going to be going to San Diego for that.”

Deadly Class follows a homeless teen in 1980’s San Francisco, who is recruited into an elite private school where the world’s top crime families send their next generations. In addition to Wadsworth, it also stars Benedict Wong, Benjamin Wadsworth, Lana Condor, Michel Duval and María Gabriela de Faría.

Considering the Comic-Con pedigree that the series hails from, there was never much doubt that it would be showcased at the convention in some form — and we’d put money on attendees getting either a first look at the first episode, or at least an extended look.

Are you excited that Deadly Class will be in session at San Diego Comic-Con 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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