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Under the Tents: Seanan McGuire, Mike Mignola, Sean Forney, Lorraine Cink

We’re about a week into February, which means we’re inching ever closer to San Diego Comic-Con. Because it’s never too early to start planning, especially when it comes to artists and authors, we have some great SDCC news for you. In this issue of Under the Tents, we have SDCC news from Seanan McGuire, Sean Forney, Mike Mignola, and a lot more.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Is 160 days prior to SDCC too soon to book? San Diego body paint artist/photographer Dewayne Flowers is currently taking reservations for SDCC sessions. Shoot him a DM on his Instagram page if you’re interested.

  • Best selling author Seanan McGuire didn’t come right out and say she’d be at SDCC this year. However, since she’s asking someone if she’ll see them there, we’d say it’s a safe bet she’ll be in San Diego in July.

  • Hellboy creator Mike Mignola once again has San Diego Comic-Con on his Appearances page.

  • Artist Ash Evans posted her latest pin design to her Instagram feed. She seems pretty happy with it, as she is seriously considering making it her SDCC 2019 exclusive.

  • Comic book artist Phillip Sevy is flying here to San Diego for the 20th time this year, and he still gets giddy over it. We can’t say we blame him.

  • Animators Blind Ferret are cutting back their convention appearances this year. Fortunately, SDCC made the cut and is on their list.

  • San Diego indie sci-fi author J. Dianne Dotson has shockingly never been to SDCC, but she may make 2019 her year.

  • Tap your manna and grab your expansion packs. Magic: The Gathering artist Gavin Verhey explained that while we’ll definitely see something MTG at SDCC, they plan to do something “a little different” to bring in more innovation. Details are still hush-hush, so we’ll have to keep an eye on this.

  • Toy/gaming podcaster and big supporter of Artists’ Alley and Small Press The Miki Show also has SDCC on their 2019 event calendar.
  • SDCC 2019 is going BARDCORE when the Library Bards! come to town. They tweeted their 2019 con schedule, and it looks like they’re bringing their awesome nerdy parodies to San Diego Comic-Con this year.

  • Lorraine Cink, author of Marvel’s Powers of a Girl, didn’t post specific details, but one of her recent tweets to a fan suggests she will be at SDCC this year signing her book.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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