March San Diego Comic-Con Exhibitor Tournament Madness Round 2

The calendar has flipped to the month of March, and we decided to put a fresh spin on the popular March Madness event. Where millions of people across the country will be predicting the next college basketball champion, we want you to vote in our March SDCC Exhibitor Tournament. Madness right? (wink wink). We have selected a variety of popular SDCC exhibitors in a 16 exhibitor tournament.

Round 1 has concluded and the match-ups were tough. Blood was drawn. Sacrifices made. And now the field has been whittled down from 16 to 8 exhibitors and it’s only going to get harder to move on to the final four. Round 2 is open for voting and will stay open until midnight on March 9. The winners in each bracket will move on to the next round, until one SDCC exhibitor is crowned champion. So get voting in each poll down below and return on March 11 for the next round of voting!

Here’s a look at all of the brackets:

Match up 1

[poll id=”10″]

Match up 2

[poll id=”11″]

Match up 3

[poll id=”12″]

Match up 4

[poll id=”13″]

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