Under the Tents: Alex Pardee, Lucio Parillo, Patrick Ballesteros, Brian Miller

It’s been a wild week of Comic-Con related news, a roller coaster of emotions for sure. But let’s go out on some happier, fun news tidbits. Consider them the bunny hills in our roller coaster analogy. We’ve got some exclusive comics, exclusive prints, exclusive shirts and more.

Now lets take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Comic creator Matt Harding is two steps, and two pages, closer to finishing his comic, Popapocalypse which he’s hoping will be ready in time for San Diego Comic-Con. If you have ever wanted to see advertising icons fight, this book should be on your “buy” list. Also, is that not the greatest Furby art you have ever seen?



  • Thanks to this Instagram post, we now know at least one artist that Acme Archives will be featuring at SDCC, Brian Miller, who says he’s working on some Star Wars art for the event. Brian’s retro inspired Star Wars travel themed posters are the very thing we need right now.


  • We showed you some of Jim Yung Kim’s original pieces in a previous UTT but this one, well this one {SPOILER ALERT…but seriously shame on you if it’s a spoiler} tugs at the heartstrings a bit.


  • Our dear friend Partick Ballesteros never lets anything get him down, a trait that shows in his work. Patrick is fixin’ to debut another San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, and we like the looks of it already. We bet we know where you can find the reveal soon!

  • He recently traveled all the way to Batuu, but artist Alex Pardee is still finding time to work on SDCC projects. In this Instagram video, we see Bear Designz, Inc doing separation work for a shirt that Alex will debut at his booth. If you are keeping notes, Alex will be at booth #5502.


  • Artist Alex Deligiannis showed off a Gambit original and an awesome Usagi he’s been working on, which will be heading to the convention next month along with other originals. Deligiannis also let slip that he’ll be opening up commissions, yep you guessed it, soon.


  • Would you like to head offsite during the con to get a commission from artist Amanda Conner (no badges required)? Jimmy Palmiotti wants to know. No, seriously — he’s asking.


  • Italian illustrator Lucio Parillo will be attending SDCC and has a few things planned, including a (possibly NSFW) exclusive cover for Vampirella #1, which will be available at the Scott’s Collectibles booth.



Before we leave you, have you seen our new commission page? We’ve gathered all the information we could find for all the artist commissions and put them in one easy location for you to shop from. Be sure to check it out!

Did we miss anything? Are you super excited about anything you saw? You should let us know! You can leave us a note in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.


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