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Lyft and Amazon Prime Video Team up for the San Diego Comic-Con Experience

Ride-share company Lyft announced their collaboration with the Amazon Prime Video Experience to provide services to their massive SDCC offsite located just across from the convention center on Island and First from Thursday, July 18 to Sunday, July 21.

This year, visitors to the Amazon Prime Video Experience will be treated to some great goodies and services from Lyft, including:

  • Providing a scooters and scooter parking at each corner of the exhibition, located on Island and First Avenue. At the Amazon Prime Video Experience, Lyft representatives will hand out free helmets to riders and show attendees how to book a Lyft Scooter.
  • Offering a promo code for those attending Batman’s induction to the Comic-Con Museum’s Hall of Fame. Code CCMBATMAN gives users 30% off two total rides, to and from the museum at Balboa Park, on Comic-Con Preview Night on July 17, 2019 beginning at 3 p.m.
  • Partnering with MTS to assist those using public transportation to get to Comic-Con with promo code ComicConMTS for 20% off two total rides to and from specific MTS stations.
  • Providing a complimentary Lyft hydration station on the corner of MLK and Fifth Avenue.

The Amazon Prime Video collaboration is also part of Lyft’s San Diego County safety and sustainability campaign, supporting Vision Zero, with a goal of reducing traffic deaths to zero by 2025, and the Climate Action Plan, which calls for the elimination of half of all greenhouse gas emissions by 2035. Among many related efforts, Lyft is one of the top 10 voluntary purchasers of carbon offsets in the world to ensure all rides are carbon neutral to fight climate change.

Do you plan on taking advantage of any of Lyft’s services at Amazon’s offsite? Let us know in the comments.

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