San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Dates Likely Revealed


These are now the confirmed dates. You can join Comic-Con International on Wednesday, July 22 – Sunday, July 26 in 2020.


If you’re still not recovered from San Diego Comic-Con 2018, we’ve got something that might just make your head spin – likely dates for San Diego Comic-Con 2020. Yes, you read that right.

As first reported by An Englishman in San Diego, it’s very likely that we have San Diego Comic-Con 2020 dates: July 22-26, 2020.

For the last few years, the dates for future conventions have been quietly revealed on the San Diego Convention Center’s website, well ahead of an official announcement from Comic-Con International. Back in August, we shared 2019 dates, which were later confirmed by CCI last month (and for those who don’t already know: July 17-July 21, 2019).

And now, the Convention Center has quietly added a new entry that looks very familiar to SDCC attendees:

135,000 attendees? A Thursday-Sunday convention, in the exact same week as the convention was held in 2018 and will be held in 2019? Not much else that could be. It’s worth noting that while the dates may feel later than usual, it’s actually still during the third full week of the month.

Historically, the San Diego Convention Center leaves off Wednesday’s Preview Night date from their calendar, which would set the convention at July 22-26, 2020 for all four and a half days.

Currently, 2021 is the last contracted year for San Diego Comic-Con to stay in, well, San Diego – meaning maybe Comic-Con is busy planning 2021 dates as we speak.

Will you be checking hotel sites now? Let us know in the comments.

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