Under the Tents: Sara Kipin, 100% Soft, Funko, Entertainment Earth

*Checks watch* Has time stopped? It feels a little like time as stopped, doesn’t it? We’re (for the most part) past Hotelpocalypse, but still two months away from the big event. So how do we pass the time until panel reveals and the exhibitor map? How about a few little announcements and tidbits, and even some Inception style of announcements WITHIN announcements? 

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • The world has been a dumpster fire since 2019, and no one has captured that better than the folks at 100% Soft. They’ve promised they’re working on “lots of stuff” for SDCC 2022, and whatever it is, we already want it.

  • Illustrator/character designer Sara Kipin teased her Twitter followers a preview of her latest sketch zine. She’ll have paper copies for those of us who still enjoy the feel of tangible media at her table at SDCC.

  • During one of Funko’s Twitter Q&A’s, they were asked if, indeed, Fundays will return to SDCC, to which the answer wasn’t only yes, (bootsandpantsandbootsandpants) it’s blacklight-themed.

  • We’ve all learned to have a little bit of patience but we are happy to have some if it means we’ll get to see these adorable enamel pins from Arturo Vargas at San Diego Comic-Con, inspired by two of our favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away.

  • If you are looking to flex your writing skills, the team at The Beat is looking for help with SDCC coverage, especially from queer and BIPOC writers. 

  • Game isn’t over, man! You won’t get to practice your power loader skills at Comic-Con but the Hollywood Horror Museum is bringing their full size Alien warrior to show off.

  • Composite Effects, CFX Masks, will be attending San Diego Comic-Con, and with their announcement they have triggered our first occurrence of the “announcement within an announcement” that we mentioned earlier by revealing that both LEGO and Mattel will be back.  With a location like that you’re not likely to forget where to find CFX Masks, showing off their wares at booth #2944.
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  • Co-creator of The Dragon Prince, Aaron Ehasz, recently revealed that they are hopeful their panel will be accepted for San Diego Comic-Con. We’ve got our fingers crossed, Aaron!

  • Exciting news from Entertainment Earth’s Twitter account, we’ll be seeing them back at SDCC. Hopefully with tons of exclusives and their eye-catching double level booth and maybe some of their legendary autograph signings?!

  • Creative Beast Studio has plans to reveal a finished prototype of their Arctic Dragon action figure at San Diego Comic-Con. We look forward to seeing this beast all dolled up.

  • If you didn’t read Legion M‘s latest newsletter, first, shame on you! And second, you may have missed their announcement about San Diego Comic-Con. After 6 years on the waitlist, we will finally get to see Legion M in the exhibit hall, at booth #3917. 
  • Here comes another Inception style announcement, this time from writer Pat Shand, who will be pulling triple duty at SDCC this year. You can find him at the Scout Comics booth promoting Azza The Barbed booth as well as the Black Mask Studios booth and the Zenoscope booth And if you aren’t paying attention that’s three more booths we can count on seeing in July. THREE!


  • And finally today, sometimes it pays just to ask the simple question, as a fan of Genevieve Santos, also known as Le Petite Elefant, found out on Twitter. See you in July, Genevieve!

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