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PopMinded by Hallmark San Diego Comic-Con 2022 Exclusives [UPDATE June 20]

It’s Christmas in July as PopMinded by Hallmark returns to San Diego Comic-Con for another busy year. Hallmark’s Keepsake Ornaments have become a big part of the Comic-Con market and Hallmark has consistently delivered some of the most popular items of the show. 

PopMinded will again have two booths at the convention — Booth #1505 and Booth #2913 (in the Lucasfilm Pavilion). Traditionally, Booth #1505 is where you’d buy your exclusives. There will also be free exclusive buttons, handed out in limited quantities with a different design released each day of the convention.

Just like in years past, PopMined by Hallmark’s exclusives will be split between San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic-Con — and this year’s offerings include Hallmark Keepsake Ornament designs, itty bittys plush characters, and other exclusives.

[UPDATE June 20]

Star Wars Gonk Droid and Mouse Droid Keepsake Ornament – $35

While we already showed you a closer look at this set at Star Wars Celebration (scroll down to the bottom to see more photos), this set features a pair of fan favorite droids that first appeared in Star Wars: A New Hope. The Gonk Droid features sounds from the film, while the mouse droid is cast in metal. Total production run of 3,000, which should mean 1,500 for San Diego Comic-Con.

Doctor Who Time War Dalek Keepsake Ornament – $30

Exterminate! Exterminate! This gold-armored version of the iconic Doctor Who villain is depicted as Daleks in the Cult of Skaro appeared to challenge the Tenth Doctor. It features sound from the show, and has a total production run of 3,000, which should mean 1,500 for San Diego Comic-Con.

Marvel Comics Spider-Gwen Keepsake Ornament – $25

The alter ego of Gwen Stacy has stepped into an alternative universe — and into San Diego Comic-Con. Total production run of 3,000, which should mean 1,500 for San Diego Comic-Con.

Harry Potter – Harry Potter, Rubeus Hagrid & Luna Lovegood Set of 3 Christmas Tree Ornaments – $15

This magical trio join Hallmark’s Harry Potter Mystery Ornament Line. You can get this exclusive trio at SDCC with a total production run of 1,500, which should mean 750 for San Diego Comic-Con.

Harry Potter – Professor Boggart Snape™ itty bittys – $10

Professor Snape gets an itty bitty treatment this year, based on the iconic moment when Neville Longbottom conjures the idea of Snape in his grandmother’s clothes to defeat the boggart. Total production run of 2,400, which should mean 1,200 for SDCC.

[UPDATE May 29]

While we’re still waiting on the full list of this year’s exclusives, at Star Wars Celebration this weekend Hallmark showed off at least one item we’ll be seeing at SDCC — and our own Parks & Cons was on the ground to snap a look.

This Gonk Droid & Mouse Droid set will retail for $35, and be available in a galaxy not so far away at both SDCC and NYCC. Similar to previous years, we’re guessing that edition size will be split between the two conventions.


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