Under the Tents 2023: Scott C., Babs Tarr, Lorcana, Martin Hsu, Patrick Ballesteros, Toddland

Just one week ago, WonderCon was in full swing. And while we’re sad that it’s over now, it means we can put our full attention on the “big one” — San Diego Comic-Con, which is just 109 days away. The hotel sale is looming on the horizon (no, we don’t know the date yet), but there’s still plenty of other news to be found, including some of our favorite artists, some companies we will miss this year, and some sneak peeks at what you’ll be able to buy on the show floor this July.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • You can still score artist Patrick Ballesteros’ beautiful The Last of Us print in his online shop, but if you prefer to buy your art in person, he plans to also bring it along to SDCC as well as his new blank sketch book.

  • Good news, art fans! Nucleus Gallery is bringing along some of our favorite artists for signing at San Diego Comic-Con this year, at Booth #2015. This year, you’ll find Scott C., Babs Tarr, Sara Kipin, and Natalie Andrewson.

  • While artist Martin Hsu may not have physically been at WonderCon this year (you can still shop several items from his virtual WonderCon booth though!) — he will be present and accounted for at San Diego Comic-Con. Catch Hsu at Booth #4530, where he will surely have new prints, figures, original artwork, and more.

  • Commissions are already starting to open up, and Hasbro and LEGO artist Dan Veesenmeyer is starting to think about his own commissions list for SDCC. He expects to open around early May, so be sure to follow him on Twitter (or follow us here at the blog) for more info.

  • If you’re already obsessed with the Disney Lorcana trading card game coming out in August (Editor’s Note: Looking at you, James), we’ve got some bad news for you: they won’t be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year.

  • Artist Chris Maze teased that he’s got something new for SDCC this summer, and that is’s something he’s never done before. We can’t wait to see what he’s got up his metaphorical sleeve.

  • Each year, the Kevin Workman Foundation sponsors an artist to bring to their booth at San Diego Comic-Con, giving a spotlight to their work and added exposure for a rising star. This year, they’ve chosen Daria Aksenova, a shadowbox art maker from Texas, who creatures gorgeous and often haunting pieces featuring hand-cut artwork and precision. You can find her at the Kevin Workman Foundation Booth #934.
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  • We’ve barely finished WonderCon, and artist Priscilla Wilson has already set her sights on SDCC. She hopes to bring some of her new wallets and fans to SDCC (which are open edition), as well as “a lot more exclusives“.

  • You can stop asking Toddland now: They’ll be bringing The Great North merch to SDCC, in sizes XS-6X — and while not stated, we’re willing to bet you’ll get your first look at it right here when it is announced.

  • What you CAN ask Toddland about is the Bob’s Burgers lanyards that some of their crew wore at WonderCon. While originally a cast and crew gift at the live show at the Orpheum a few years back, Toddland may be able to make some magic happen. Be sure to let them know you want them.

  • Comic writer and artist Daniel Warren Johnson had a packed WonderCon, filled with panels, artwork, commissions, and more — and he’s coming to SDCC this summer to probably do it all again.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us @SD_Comic_Con.

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