Martin Hsu San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives [UPDATE July 13]

You can always look at contemporary artist Martin Hsu’s work and know that it’s his — his distinctive style, rooted in his Asian-American heritage, is light, airy, and a mix of both modern and traditional.

Hsu will be back at San Diego Comic-Con again this year, at Booth #4530 with new artwork, including new Ted Lasso-ified cats, his original characters, and much more.

His pre-order on his online shop will launch Friday, July 7 at 9am PT, and run through Sunday, July 9 end-of-day for any originals (framed in glass) and 3-packs (buy two get one free), but as of today, attendees are welcome to use code SDCC2023PICKUP at check-out on any order. There’s no limit to the amount of times you can use the code, and all orders will be combined for in-booth pick-up at Booth #4530.

[UPDATE July 13]

If you’re hoping to meet artist Martin Hsu himself, here are the hours when he will be available at the booth. And as an added bonus, he has one last surprise for you — the first 50 pre-order pick-ups (which can be any time, not just during the below times) will receive a free Ted Lasso glitter sticker, first come/first serve.

And finally, don’t forget about Hsu’s online pre-order this Friday, July 14 at 9am PT when you can pick up the last few prints, originals, and other items, like these kitties and poppies.

[UPDATE July 12]

For Hsu’s final San Diego Comic-Con announcement, he’s unveiling one final set of pieces for his Ted Lasso Cats collection.

Starting Friday, July 14 at 9am PT, you can take part in his final online pre-order to pick up the original 3″x4″ watercolor and graphite artwork (which comes framed with 4″x5″ glass) for “Believe” which features the long-awaited Ted and Nate reunion, “The Lasso Way” which features Trent interviewing Ted, and “Uncle’s Day” as Ted celebrates with Roy, Phoebe, and Jamie. Each of the originals will be $180, or you can get the three pack of prints for $20.

And don’t forget to use code SDCC2023PICKUP to get free shipping and to pick-up at the con.

You can also add any of Hsu’s other pieces to your order for pick-up at the con.

[UPDATE July 11]

Every year, Hsu also creates custom hand-painted figures for San Diego Comic-Con — and this year’s theme is “Cherry Blossoms in Bloom”. Hsu has painted on sumo bunnies, Miffy, Funko Pop! Mickeys, and a Tokidoki Unicorno figure to create a truly one-of-a-kind art piece, ranging from $95 to $650.

They’ll be available online starting Friday, July 14 at 9am PT on his online store and you can use code SDCC2023PICKUP to get free shipping and to pick-up at Booth #4530.

[UPDATE July 9]

While just a handful of Martin Hsu’s original Ted Lasso Cats portraits remain, if you missed out (or want a different character), now is your chance! Hsu will be opening up 12 spots for commissions of Ted Lasso Cats on Monday, July 10 at 10am PT on his online store. It will be a limit of one character per commission, for $95 each, and each piece is matted and framed.

Make sure you use code SDCC2023PICKUP at check-out to ensure you get free shipping and to pick-up onsite at Booth #4530.

[UPDATE July 6]

Ahead of tomorrow’s online pre-order, Martin Hsu has one more announcement for you. He’s bringing you Ted Lasso and Cats stickers. Best of all, the holographic sticker will be FREE with the first 50 pre-orders in tomorrow’s 9am PT launch. The glossy sticker will be available for purchase at $5 each, in a limited edition of 99.

[UPDATE July 5]

Are you still recovering from the emotional roller coaster that was Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3? Martin Hsu is paying tribute to a couple of friends in a new piece called “Rocket’s Dream“, which celebrates the love of friends through even the darkest of times.

The original 10″x10″x1.75″ piece comes framed with glass (9″x9″ without glass), and was made with graphite, watercolor, and metallic gold paint. The original will be available for $500, while an 11’x14″ print will also be available for $25, this Friday, July 9 as part of Martin Hsu’s online pre-orders through his online store.

[UPDATE July 3]

If you’ve been enjoying Martin Hsu’s Ted Lasso pieces, then there’s good news — he’s got his biggest Lasso piece yet coming to San Diego Comic-Con. This 11″x14″ print, titled “Ted Lasso and Cats – The Richmond Way” is a limited edition of 99 pieces, with only 40 available for pre-order starting Friday, July 7 through Sunday, July 9 through his online store for $45. The rest of the prints will be available at Booth #4530, but remember to use discount code SDCC2023PICKUP to get free shipping and to pick up your order at his booth.

In addition, he will have an 18″x24″ limited edition gallery canvas print of the same design, which is limited to only 9 pieces. Each comes signed and numbered by Martin, and will be available for $350 in the online pre-order this weekend — but note that this exclusive won’t ship until after the convention, as production takes 3-4 weeks. However, shipping is free.

[UPDATE June 30]

Martin Hsu has one last round of purr-fect news for you, with the final reveal of his “Ted Lasso Cats” artwork. He has re-imaged twelve of the characters from the series in feline form.

The originals are all 2″x3″ graphite and watercolor on watercolor paper, and come framed 4″x5″ with glass, for $95 each.

Hsu will also have a four-pack of 5″x7″ prints available for just $30 (sets will be available as pictured in the rows below), for a special Buy 3 Get 1 Free limited offer.

Both the originals and the prints will launch online on Friday, July 7 at 9am PT through Sunday, July 9, and for any online orders, you can use the code SDCC2023PICKUP at checkout to get free shipping and to pick up at Booth #4530 during the convention. 

[UPDATE June 28]

Can’t wait to snag Martin Hsu’s beautiful artwork? You’ll get your chance on Friday, July 7 at 9am PT through Sunday, July 9, when his online shop will open for pre-orders.

You’ll also be able to snag these new originals, the first of six new Ted Lasso and Cats pieces, which reimagines the characters of the hit series in feline form.

These 3″x4″ originals were made with graphite, watercolor, and metallic gold paint on watercolor paper, and come framed with glass in 4″x5″ size. There will likely be prints available for purchase as well of the set, which features “Big Smiles” (Sam and Dani), “Girl Talk” (Keeley and Rebecca), and “Love is Love” (Colin and Michael). The originals will be $180 each.

[UPDATE June 26]

This is the way. Martin Hsu has another round of Star Wars and Studio Ghibli mash-up originals, in a new “Jedi Twinsies” series. The three original watercolor paintings — “Painting”, “Dreams”, and “Treats”, are 3″x4″ and created with graphite, watercolor, and metallic gold paint on watercolor paper. When his store opens for pre-sale orders in early July, you’ll be able to snag any of the originals for $150, which come in a 4″x6″ frame with glass.

He’ll also have prints available as well, though the exact date of the sale is still TBA.

To make sure you get all the updates, keep an eye on our page, and you can also email Hsu at to join his mailing list for a heads-ups.

[UPDATE June 23]

They’re the Guardians of the Galaxy, and also the protectors of some fearsome felines. Martin Hsu is adding some new pieces to his Heroes and Cats collection, with three pieces featuring Gamora, Drax, and Mantis spending some quality time with their kitty cats.

The original paintings are 3″x4″ and created with graphite, watercolor, and metallic paint on watercolor paper. In early July when Hsu’s store opens for pre-orders, you’ll be able to purchase any of the originals for $150, which come in a 4″x6″ frame with glass. Historically, there are also a collection of prints available as well, in a buy-three-get-one-free pack. The exact date of the pre-sale is still TBA, but you can email Hsu at to join his mailing list for a heads-ups.

[UPDATE June 19]

Up first, Hsu is bringing back his popular Studio Ghibli x Star Wars mash-ups, with a new set of paintings, inspired by “all the tireless guardian figures out there looking after the little rascals in our lives”.

The three originals, titled “This is the Way – Fireworks“, “This is the Way – Joyride“, and “This is the Way – Nummies“, will be $150 when they launch for pre-order at a later date. Each original is 3″x4″ and created with graphite, watercolor, metallic silver paint — and comes framed in a 4″x5″ frame with glass.

There are also traditionally prints available as well.

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