Online Exclusives Portal FAQ for San Diego Comic-Con 2023 [UPDATE]

The Online Exclusives Portal launched today — the annual lottery for many of the hottest exclusives booths and signing at San Diego Comic-Con.

You can read more about the process and how to enter over here, but we’re here to answer your burning questions as best as we can.

Do I need to hurry and fill out the lottery?

No. Submissions are random, and speed is not a factor. Last year, if you submitted for something that later got cancelled, your points were simply lost.

You have until Sunday, July 16 at 11:59pm PT to submit your selections.

Help! I’m getting a message about “Requirements Not Met!”

If you are submitting today anyway, you might see this message:

If so, try not to panic, you are not alone. You can contact Comic-Con International but they are “aware of the performance issues” and are “actively working on correcting them”. This was an issue last year as well, but they eventually resolved it… Mostly. Again, you have through July 16 in order to enter, so just sit tight.

Help! I accidentally checked out without using all of my points!

New this year, if you have points remaining, it appears that you can go back and allocate any unused points or re-assign them.

To add unallocated points… Let’s say you accidentally only submitted one point for Funko and you meant to assign all 12. You can go into AccountAccount Dashboard, and click My Orders on the left hand side. From here, you’ll be able to click this button:


For those looking to re-assign already submitted points, head to Account > Account Dashboard, and then click My Orders on the left hand side. From there you’ll see your selection. Underneath each “point” will be this button:

Click that for any items you want to remove and swap out. Note: For some users, you will have to remove your entire day’s selection to make this process work.

Once you have removed your points, go back and click View Details / Manage Add-Ons towards the top of your original order, and you can re-assign your points from here. If this option shows up as blank when you click it, simply log out and log back in.


What will the vendors have at their booth:

You can view our exclusives posts for all announced exclusives so far for:

With more items still to be announced.

If more items are still being announced, how do I know what to put my points towards?

You can either make your decision without all the information, or wait until closer to July 16 to see what has been announced (which is what we would recommend).

What the heck is the “Bitty Funko” booth?

This is the booth selling Funko Bitty Pop! exclusives. It will only be available through a lottery win.

All other Funko partner booths — including Loungefly, Mondo, Games, and Rewind — will be walk-up and first come/first serve.

What about Loungefly or Mondo?

Loungefly has confirmed that their items will be walk-up only, and we have confirmed with Funko that Mondo, Funko Games, and Rewind will also be walk-up only.

You can see on this map:

  • Top line – The “main” Funkoville section, which will be selling Funko Pop!s. This includes conjoined Funko Donuts, Funko Motel, and Crown Bowl. ONLY available as a lottery win for Funko Booth in the portal (though they will likely open it to walk-ups after 3pm)
  • Bitty Mart – This is the “Bitty Funko” booth, as seen in the third line, on the left, and which will be selling Funko Bitty Pop! items. ONLY available as a lottery win for Bitty Funko Booth in the portal (though they will likely open it to walk-ups after 3pm)

The following are walk-up only:

  • Loungefly
  • Mondo
  • Rewind

Who will be at the signings?

Right now, everything is still TBA — when the official schedule drops daily July 6-9, cast may be listed. If so, you can probably expect them to be at the signing, but it’s never guaranteed.

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