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Priscilla Wilson San Diego Comic-Con 2023 Exclusives [UPDATE July 12]

Artist Priscilla Wilson, also known as Valor & Vellum, has hit the ground running the last few years on the convention scene. This year, she’ll be back at San Diego Comic-Con, setting up camp at Booth #4721 on the show floor, with plenty of beautiful artwork of her creations, Soonay and Toratai, and more.

Priscilla has revealed her daily limits for her exclusives for this year:

As well as her easy-to-read menu boards showing this year’s options:

[UPDATE July 16]

Priscilla Wilson has one last surprise for San Diego Comic-Con attendees. On Saturday she will be releasing 1/1 Soonay figures, limit of 1 per person.

Clicker Bait Soonay – $200

Soonay in Paradise $100

Green Glow in the Dark (2 right) $70 

The Glow Fish Soonay (far left above) will be given away to one lucky winner who is subscribed to Wilson’s newsletter. Current subscribers are already entered to will, and any new subscriber between now and next Sunday, July 23, will be eligible. Must have a US address for shipping. 

[UPDATE July 12]

If you purchase any of Priscilla’s exclusive or debut pins, you could win a bonus prize. Each pin will come with a slip of paper indicating if you’ve won a raw pin proto, or possibly a 1/1 framed pencil sketch of the pin artwork. The framed sketch will only be a possibility on the exclusive pins.

[UPDATE July 11]

When you make a purchase at Priscilla’s booth next week, you’ll also receive one of these tote bags for FREE, while supplies last.

[UPDATE July 8]

Priscilla Wilson has several beautiful original pen and ink illustrations she’ll be offering at Booth #4721, including several of her Spark Bird pieces from her card designs, which will come in an 11″x9″ frame and be available for only $35 each.

She’s also created Soonay and Toratai pieces available in a 10″x13″ frame for $125 each. All original illustrations will be available beginning Wednesday, July 19, with a limit announcement coming soon.

[UPDATE July 6]

Priscilla showed off a few new items for her Soonay meet-up on Thursday, July 20. The first 50 attendees will receive a free pin, sticker, and candy — and also be entered into a raffle to win “experimental” resin figures like the ones below, raw pin protos, and more.

[UPDATE July 5]

Make your notebooks, laptop, or anything else you’d like really pop with new stickers from Wilson. Each exclusive resin figure will come with their matching sticker for free, and remaining amounts will be available for $3 each or three for $7.

The Gaslamp sticker will only be available at Wilson’s meet-up on Thursday, July 20 (more info below) for free, and if you spot Wilson at Funko Fundays, you can also score the Scout Soonay. All stickers are while supplies last.

[UPDATE June 29]

Wilson has revealed details regarding her popular Soonay & Toratai meetup, a casual get together with friends and fans. This years meetup will take place on Thursday evening at 7pm at the Odysea at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel.  The first 50 attendees will receive an GITD pin (limited edition of 50), a limited edition sticker, and a bag of Sticky USA candy, plus a chance to win some rare prizes.

[Previously announced]

Wilson has announced the details of this year’s booth procedures, and first time Soonay or Toratai buyers will get an extra chance to score one. If you currently have never purchased either a physical Soonay or Toratai piece from her, you can fill out this page to be entered into a raffle. You have between now and June 25 at 12pm PT to enter, and winners will be contacted shortly afterwards.

Otherwise, there will be a limit of one SDCC exclusive figure per person (and that’s a grand total, not one per each) and one dump mold/miscast/test figure, while supplies last each day. If any leftovers remain, the limits on that day’s allotment will be lifted at 4pm PT. There are allotments for Wednesday – Saturday of the con, and you can see the allotment details in the graphic below.

What does she have in store for SDCC 2023? Let’s take a look:

[UPDATE June 26]

You’re already dropping a lot of money on San Diego Comic-Con… why not do it in style? Priscilla Wilson revealed a new exclusive wallet, which features Soonay and a backdrop that resembles the San Diego Convention Center (though with Halls “S” and “T” for Soonay and Toratai).

It’s limited to 50 pieces, and is officially stickered. You can pick it up for $25 at Booth #4721.

[UPDATE June 22]

Priscilla Wilson is setting course for San Diego Comic-Con next month, and she’s revealed more of what she’ll be bringing to Booth #4721. She’ll have two new pins featuring her original creations Soonay and Toratai, as they set sail. There will be a debut edition in red and black, which is open edition, for $12, as well as a LE 200 exclusive edition (pink and purple), also for $12. Both feature the official Comic-Con International logo on the packaging and are glow-in-the dark.

Stay tuned for more information on limits and “bonus raffle prizes”.

[UPDATE June 19]

We’re a fan of Wilson’s newest items — beautiful new fans. She’ll have both an exclusive (LE 500) and debut versions available, which feature her original characters Soonay and Toratai going for a boat ride near the San Diego Convention Center. The limited edition fans are made of fabric and wood and will be available for $12, while the debut fans will be available for $10.

Each come inside a protective drawstring bag.

In love with the art? There will also be exclusive giclée art print versions, limited to just 25 pieces.

[UPDATE June 13]

Wilson’s final San Diego Comic-Con toy exclusive is a companion piece to her gorgeous Sakura Soonay — this time for Soonay’s best friend, with a Sakura Toratai. The handmade figure was cast with a real tree and chunky cherry blossom glitter, to create a truly beautiful (and each completely unique) figure that’s truly in bloom. It’s limited to just 11 figures, and each officially stickered exclusive will be available for $80.

[UPDATE June 12]

Wilson’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is hot — really hot. Her Thermal Cam Soonay was hand cast with three glow-in-the-dark colors, to give it a unique look in both daytime and at night. It’s limited to just 12 pieces, and an officially stickered San Diego Comic-Con exclusive.

Each is unique, and will be available at Booth #4721 for $65 each.

[UPDATE June 11]

We think Wilson’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is really ace. She’ll be bringing a Suit Up Soonay figure, inspired by a deck of cards, which have been cast with crystal dust and chunky card suit glitter — all in celebration of her first deck of cards (scroll down to view both sets).

The handmade resin figure is extremely limited to just 14 pieces, and is officially stickered as a SDCC exclusive. You’ll be able to pick it up for $70 if you play your cards right.

[UPDATE June 7]

Wilson is invoking cherry blossom season with her next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, Sakura Soonay. This limited edition of 60  figures features a cherry blossom tree as well as glitter cast inside each figure, making each one unique. They will be officially stickered and will run $80. 


[UPDATE May 29]

Wilson’s next San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is a beautiful set of Spark Bird playing cards, where each of the bird names corresponds to the card number (ie, the Ace is the Zimmerius Acer, 3 is the Three-banded Courser, etc.), in a black with a foil variant. The cards feature her gorgeous hand drawn illustrations of various breeds of birds, with red foil edges. The set, which comes packaged in a box with silver foil details, will be limited to 500 pieces and be available for $15.

There will also be an open edition, with an official debut sticker, available for $12. Both sets are poker sized and feature linen texture for better playability.

[UPDATE May 24]

Want to show your love for Wilson’s original characters Soonay and Toratai in more places than ever? This year, she’ll be bringing limited edition, debut, and exclusive pins to the con.

Up first, her exclusive pin at her booth will be a limited edition of 200, and available for $12. It’s an official SDCC exclusive — it has the logo and everything. There will also be B-grade pins available for $10.

She’ll also have an open edition debut pin, which features a pink and blue color scheme (and which also comes with the official logo, though without the “Exclusive” part). It will also be $12. The purchase of either pin will come with a chance to win some bonus prizes, with details still to be announced.

And for those headed to the Soonay meet-up (details still TBA), there will be 50 pins available for FREE. Stay tuned for more details on that.

[UPDATE May 15]

Wilson has something sweet planned this year — literally. She has partnered with Sticky USA for more custom handmade candies of her original characters, with pineapple Toratai and a fruit punch Soonay candy flavors. While it was originally announced that these candies would be free with purchase at her booth, they will now be available at the Soonay meet-up, with more details still to come.

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