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WonderPost 2024: Elly Karipides, David Booher, Gigi Edgley, Chuck Tingle

I’m not going to waste too much of your time with this opening paragraph because, frankly, this WonderPost is over-stuffed with a lot of great news and pictures that are far more important and immensely more interesting than anything I could possibly say. If you like cool things and cool people, you’re gonna find a lot of both down below, so let’s get right to it.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Artist Megan Porch has made the cutest little mash-up with the vintage Spice Village houses and LGBT, plus a bit of glitter, to make some incredible identity keychains. They will be making their debut at WonderCon.
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  • Artist Yumi “Tealux_Art” created this Pikmin sticker, which you can find at Artist Alley #D-53, to honor one of their favorite memes. Will you be “pik”-ing this one up?

  • Super-duper toy creators Super7 will be heading down to Anaheim next week and are gonna make things weird, like literally The Weirdest, with new exclusive versions of The Weirdest ReAction Figures, just for WonderCon. Slide in Booth #1120 to get the party started.

  • How’s your crush on X-Men ’97 Gambit coming along? Are all your shirts cropped yet? Val Hochberg is bringing the heat with her version of Gambit in all his ab-tacular glory. You can snag him at Artist Alley #C-09 at WonderCon.

  • Brian Bear was cutting it closer to the wire, but luckily his latest batch of stickers has arrived in time to make their debut at WonderCon. Brian will be in Artist Alley at #D-06. Bravo on the Brak sticker, Brian!

  • It would hardly be a convention if Farscape‘s Gigi Edgley wasn’t in the house. Lucky for us, she’ll be attending WonderCon and you can find her at the Power Morphicon Booth #1347.

  • Northern California based artist Mazzy is bringing just two and a half handfuls of these signed photocards to WonderCon. That means you’ll want to skedaddle over to Artist Alley #D-57 to secure yours.

  • While you’re there, be sure to pick up a few packs of Art of Mazzy sticker booster packs, with five random stickers in each one. What a fun way to offer stickers! They will be making their debut at WonderCon.

  • Patrick Ballesteros is still managing to fit in a few more mini original pieces to bring to WonderCon, even among all his other releases. He’s sure to cause a “storm” of activity around his Artist Alley #A-07.

  • We have been loving Dylan Bonner’s mermaid pieces and enjoying seeing how they have evolved over the years. This latest one is “Dripping Diamonds” and has been kicking around since 2019. Bonner will have a whole pod of the lovely ladies at Artist Alley booth #A-08.
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  • Artist Paola Bascon is expecting a delivery of her brand new White Rabbit Candy enamel pins to arrive just in time for WonderCon. Artist Alley #B-38 is where you can find one of your very own.
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A post shared by Paola Bascon (@artofpao_official)

  • Artist Rick Kitagawa is going the blind box/trading card route with his Undead Army Series 1 prints. Each pack will have 3 different prints (of 14 total possibilities) with a chance of pulling a special 1/1 hand-painted print. They’ll be premiering in Artist Alley at #A-14.
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  • Any Venom fans in the house? Daniele “DAF” Afferni has created this portrait, available as a 9″ x 12″ print, signed and personalized at Artist Alley booth #B-05. 
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  • While we heartily support booking commissions in advance, we also love showing up at a convention and getting on an artist’s commission list then and there. You can do just that with artist Yili Fang of Fang Fang Comics. She will be in Artist Alley #E-31 and taking commissions all three days.
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  • Is it a duck? Is it a frog? The answer is neither, it’s a fruck, and it’s a print from Theo of The Teddy Garden, who will be camped out in Artist Alley #E-45.
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  • As attendees we think our convention schedules are always “packed” but writer David Booher might not see the outside all weekend with the schedule he just posted. Find him in several panels, plus signing on Saturday at the Prism Booth #1401, and Sunday at Booth #419. Lucky for fans that Booher’s new comic Ghostbusters: Back In Town #1 is coming out this week, impeccable timing!
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  • Cyberpunk Edgerunner‘s Lucy is making her debut as a print from The Art of Jeprox, but she’s not coming alone. You can also pick up a matching Rebecca print. Both of them will be available at Artist Alley booth #A-19.
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  • Robert Griggs continues to make more sketches that he’ll be offering at WonderCon. He also mentions a very limited number of prints he’ll have at Artist Alley booth #C-23.

  • Bob Draws Stuff, and that “stuff” includes Power Rangers. This Green Ranger and White Ranger print is premiering at WonderCon so morph yourself over to Bob’s booth in Artist Alley, #B-29.
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  • Akane’s Chibi Art is organizing their many mini canvas pieces in preparation for WonderCon. We see so many adorable options here, how fun is the Grogu / E.T. mash up? Pick them up in Artist Alley at D-36.

  • Hugo Award nominated writer Chuck Tingle will be signing books for fans during WonderCon and not just once, but twice. Head to the Author Signing Area in Hall A on Friday at 4:45 or Saturday at 2:15. 

  • Artist Mog Park is currently open for pre-con commissions, but that isn’t all she has up her sleeve. She’ll also be bringing five Video of Authenticity (VOA) sketch cards.

  • And finally today, this paladin D&D cat is raring to join your group for some adventures. Artist Elly Karipides will have sticker versions available at Artist Alley booth #C-29. In addition, you’ll find some very sweet kitty originals. 

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And if you have missed any of our previous WonderPosts, you can find them here.

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