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Patrick Ballesteros WonderCon Anaheim 2024 Exclusives, Debuts, & More [UPDATE March 29]

There are few artists who know how to get attendees as excited as Patrick Ballesteros. Whether it’s his signature kid-ified style, or the way he always seems to incorporate properties and fandoms that fans truly love, or the volume of his exclusives and debuts — there’s just something about his work that draws flocks (and lines) of fans to his booth at both WonderCon and San Diego Comic-Con every year.

This year, Ballesteros will be back at WonderCon Anaheim 2024 at his usual Booth #A-07, with plenty of new artwork for the fans.

[UPDATE March 29]

There’s room for a little more. Patrick Ballesteros is bringing his Mini Originals back to the con, which is your chance to score an original piece of artwork by him for just $70 each. To try your hand at scoring your favorite, you’ll need to line up at #A-07 this Sunday when doors open to the public (do NOT line up early and please be fair). Minis are first-come, first-serve, and each comes signed and framed.

Here’s a look at Sunday’s Mini Originals up for grabs:

You can also catch Ballesteros on two panels at the convention this weekend, including “What is the Best Superpower?” on Saturday from 1pm-2pm in Room 207, alongside Grace Ellis, Dustin Nguyen, Jimmie Robinson, and Stephen Silver as they debate which superpower rules them all. Then on Sunday, don’t miss Ballesteros’ Spotlight panel where he’ll guide you through the journey of crafting your characters, stories, and projects, all while preserving your unique voice and style.

[UPDATE March 26]

Ballesteros is celebrating the Year of the Dragon with a new print that’s all about some of your favorite kaijus, robots, and beyond. The new piece, titled “The Shogun Warriors“, is a 4″x10” print, and part of Ballesteros’ Dragon Dance series. You’ll be able to pick up this WonderCon debut for $16, or any three prints from the series for $45.

[UPDATE March 25]

Sometimes, artist Patrick Ballesteros creates so much new art so quickly, that we think he must have a superpower — or at least be some sort of mutant. Ballesteros has unleashed a whirlwind of creativity for one more last-minute WonderCon debut — “Class of 1997“, which will transport you back to Saturday morning cartoons as a kid (or, let’s be honest, as an adult too). The gang’s all here in this 8″x8” print on Fine Art Metallic Paper, which will be available $20 at #A-07 in Artists Alley.

[UPDATE March 24]

Patrick Ballesteros always has a few more tricks up his sleeves for attendees — and he’s bringing back the return of his canvas prints, as well as a WonderCon exclusive desktop mat. The canvas prints and desktop mat will be available starting today, Sunday, March 24, at 12pm PT in his online shop.

His “Who’s Feeling a Little Blue” print is getting the desktop mat treatment for WonderCon, and the 28″x12″ mat will be available as a pre-order for pick-up for WonderCon. It’s limited to just 50 pieces, and will be available for $55 — but only through Monday, March 25 at 12pm PT for those hoping for pick-up at the convention. After that time, any orders will be shipped and incur an additional $14 shipping charge.

And as always, for those looking for a better way to display his artwork, Ballesteros is bringing back the limited giclee canvas prints for this year’s debuts. These canvas WonderCon exclusives will be shipped directly to you (so no WonderCon pick-up) and will only be available to those in the Intercontinental US.

You’ll be able to pick up a 13″x19″ of his “Lord of the Shore” artwork for $200, a 10″x12.5″ of his “Yes Chef” piece for $150, or a “7”x14″ of his “Mag Ganito” for $100. Each canvas print is limited to just 15 pieces, and free shipping is included. Each comes signed by Ballesteros.

[UPDATE March 21]

Ballesteros is taking you there and back again, on an epic adventure through the composer Howard Shore’s iconic music for the Lord of the Rings films. The piece is part of his “Music to My Ears” series, which pays homage to legendary composers and the music that scored many of the most iconic scenes throughout cinema, and will be making its debut at WonderCon.

Journey back through many of your favorite moments throughout the films in “Lord of the Shore“, all with nods to Shore’s beautiful score and how it impacted those scenes. You can claim it for yourself in the fires of Mordor — or at least at Booth #A-07 in Artists Alley. Pick up the 11″x14” debut for $30.

[UPDATE March 15]

Next up, Ballesteros has yet another x-cellent print for you to “marvel” at. This 5″x10″ print is from Ballesteros’ Jeepney series, which pays homage to his Filipino heritage and the iconic Filipino vehicles. In this new print, Magneto is enjoying some boba and causing some chaos for the team. We love all of the details throughout, like Beast’s glasses being affected by Magneto’s magnetism, and the school name emblazoned on the side of the Jeepney.

You can pick up “Mag Ganito” at WonderCon where it will be making its debut, for $18, at Booth #A-07 in Artists Alley.


[UPDATE March 13]

Embrace the elements with this new sticker set from Patrick Ballesteros. Embark on a journey all the way to WonderCon Booth #A-07 in Artists Alley to score his “DO NOT BEND” sticker 4″x6″ set, a loving tribute to the series and world full of all of your favorite characters. It’s limited to just 50 pieces, and will be available for $10.

[UPDATE March 8]

Turn that frown upside down, because feeling blue has never felt better with Ballesteros’ latest WonderCon debut, celebrating what is arguably the best children’s animated series in years. This 16″x4″ print features Bluey stealing the show, in front of an adoring flock of fans made up of some very familiar faces.

You’ll be able to pick up “Who’s Feeling a Little Blue” for $25 at WonderCon Booth #A-07 in Artists Alley.


[UPDATE March 3]

For WonderCon 2024, Ballesteros is coming out of the gate strong, with an 8″x10″ debut print dedicated to the hard-working crew at The Bear. The whole Chicago crew is represented in the piece, which feels like Ballesteros offering up a slightly different take on his usual kid-ified style for a fun retro-comics cover vibe, while still feeling familiar and uniquely like his work. 

You can pick up this “Yes Chef” print at Booth #A-07 in Artists Alley for just $25.

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