WonderPost 2024: Paola Bascon, Jeff Pina, Tom Richmond, Funmaker Mike

It won’t be much longer before the swarms descend on the Anaheim Convention Center for WonderCon 2024. It’s a feast for the eyes wherever you turn, inside and outside, from some of the best cosplay in the country to the coolest creators of games, comics, shows, podcasts, fan art, fine art, and everything in between. Lucky for you, we have been scouring social media to uncover the news that you can use to make WonderCon 2024 extra special.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Some of the greatest stories come from the smaller, independent comic book publishers. Uncharted Wilderness Studios is one of those publishers, and they are bringing their latest books, Rougarou and World of Tomorrow, to WonderCon at the end of the month. Hop over to the Small Press area to booth #SP-68.

  • Another artist who confirmed on Twitter they will be at WonderCon is Junsouk Isaac Chun, also known as “Issabolical.” 

  • Patrick Ballesteros is getting closer to finishing his newest composter homage print, and treated us to another little tease. Looks like someone could use some Crest White Strips.

  • Red Inked Panda will be debuting a brand new book for kids and D&D fans featuring the A-B-C’s of creatures. Find Creatures Inside Dungeons From A to Z at Small Press booth #SP-03. If you’re a gamer raising a little gamer, this looks like a no-brainer pick up!

  • Add this to the list of sketch covers that artist Sean Forney will have at WonderCon, the mummified demon priest you know and love, Mumm-Ra from the Thundercats.

You can also watch Forney color this cover, which he did live on Facebook.

  • Meanwhile over on Instagram, artist Tony Moy showed off his brand new art book, Whispers, which will be available in limited quantities at WonderCon.

  • Concept and comic artist Daniele “DAF” Afferni announced on Twitter that he will be in Anaheim at Artist Alley Booth #B-05 during WonderCon.

  • Artist Sean Galloway will have so many cool variant covers available at WonderCon that he’s making a menu for attendees to peruse. Is there a “one of each” option?

  • You can catch up with Mad Magazine artist Tom Richmond at WonderCon. He’ll be a part of the National Cartoonists Society at booth #2000. Shenanigans guaranteed.

  • Artist Jeff Pina recently posted a huge array of original sketch covers and 5″ x 7″ pieces that he will have at WonderCon. You can find him and all that he’s bringing in Artist Alley at booth #C-59.

  • This is the crossover we didn’t know we needed but now that we have seen it, we can’t stop wanting it. Artist Elo Benik will be offering royal dog commissions at WonderCon. We know of at least 3 pugs would would look amazing as ladies maids and countesses!

  • The official panel schedule will be released soon but until then, we appreciate that April Wahlin has been keeping up apprised of her Writer’s Workshop panel guests, including Laurine Price.

  • Artist Dawn Wolf will be bringing a selection of prints, original art, pins, stickers and Zombie Ranch comics to Anaheim. You can find them, and more at Artist Alley #E-28.

  • You’ll be getting two doses of awesome in one at Artist Alley booth #B-22. Both Erwin Papa and Nathaniel Osollo, who both worked on the Sewer Boys comic, will be attending. Two big personalities in one small space, should make for some excitement!
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  • Here’s another fashionable mermaid that is making it’s way to WonderCon, thanks to the talents of artist Dylan Bonner.
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  • It was only a matter of time before we saw some sweet Steamboat Mickey inspired items and nothing could be sweeter than this Filipino inspired Micky Barong pin by artist Paola Bascon, making it’s debut at WonderCon.
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  • Hopefully you have recovered from the news that Funko will not be having a booth at WonderCon, we know it was a tough pill for some to swallow. Luckily, all hope is not lost if you wanted to see Funmaker Mike Becker. He confirmed on Instagram that he will be at a panel.

  • And lastly today, Bill Alexander of 2797Studios will be set up at Booth #2189 during WonderCon, there to help you find the most fun and cool ways to display your action figures.

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