Under the Tents 2024: Billy West, Symbiote Studios, Toei Animation, Victoria Ying, Effin’ Birds

To paraphrase Philip J. Fry, shut up and read this Under the Tents! Why? Because in this edition, we have wonderful SDCC-related news from talent like voice actor Billy West, teases from Patrick Ballesteros and BB-CRE.8, and announcements from some of the industry’s most legendary artists who will be around the San Diego Convention Center this year.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • New York Times bestselling author Delilah S. Dawson announced she’ll be at several conventions in 2024, one of which will be San Diego Comic-Con. She’d also love to be on some panels, so if you think she’d be a good panelist, she wants to hear from you.

I’m your huckleberry. I can also moderate, interview, and run ‘game show’ or DND-style panels. Please use me!

[image or embed]

— Delilah S. Dawson (@delilahsdawson.bsky.social) May 15, 2024 at 11:12 AM

  • Want a deal? Then face the wheel. Doomlings is bringing their Wheel of Doom to Booth #1603 at SDCC this year to celebrate their self-titled nihilistic card game.

  • Brush up on your rock-paper-scissors game, folks. Symbiote Studios’ cuddly mascot will be on hand at Booth #3247 with lots of enamel pins to hand out if you can beat him at his own game. Stay tuned for more news on this year’s exclusives, including new Catnip Bravo shirts, bags, and more.

  • Good news, everyone! Billy West might not look familiar, but chances are pretty good you’ll recognize his voice. The voice actor behind Dr. Farnsworth, Fry, Stimpy, and many more timeless characters announced via his Twitter feed that we’ll see him (hear him?) at SDCC this year. Does this mean a Futurama panel? Hmm…

  • Artist Henry Liao reminds us that getting ready for SDCC is a process, and it looks like he’s knee-deep in con prep getting sketch cards ready and working on new prints.

  • The Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Arts (LAAFA) announced on their Twitter feed they’ll be sharing space with their union brothers and sisters in Local #839, The Animators Guild. Stop by Booth #5563 to show them you’re union strong.

  • Local San Diego artist and U-Blog friend Patrick Ballesteros teased his Twitter followers with an SDCC 2024 work in progress you’ll be able to find at Artists’ Alley Table #DD-08.

  • According to their website, Toei Animation, the studios behind Dragon Ball, Sailor Moon, One Piece, and more, will be at Booth #3635 during San Diego Comic-Con this year.

  • Another talent who announced he’ll be on the Exhibit Hall floor is manga artist Hiroshi Kanatani, who’s capping off his 2024 summer U.S. convention tour with SDCC.

  • Am I a man, or am I a Muppet? If you’ve ever wondered what Aaliyah as Queen of the Damned would look like if she were a Muppet, Glo in the Dark Production’s Stitched Heart Art has you covered. I’ll be there at Booth #4820 on the Exhibit Hall floor drooling over Muppet Goblin King. He reminds me of someone…

  • Simpsons showrunner Matt Selman proved that crowd-sourcing ideas work. During a Twitter Q&A, a fan suggested a fun SDCC activation, which Selman really seemed to like. Hopefully, the flagpole is favorable, too.

  • Hear ye, hear ye! Lords and Ladies of the Adrian Empire, thou art invited to The Kingdom of Terre Neuve’s annual Champion of Comic Con Imperial Tournament to be held on the 27th day of July in this Year of our Lord 2024, to take place during the Festival of San Diego Comic-Con. Huzzah!

  • We all know nature abhors a vacuum, and Hollywood Collectibles is here to fill the void high-end pop culture collectible community left by that other pricey collectible company who decided they didn’t want to come to San Diego Comic-Con anymore. Check out their amazing products at Booth #2845 on the Exhibit Hall floor this year.

  • DC artist Rachta Lin also created a Facebook Event to let her fans know she’s coming to her very first SDCC this year. 

  • Everybody’s heard about the birds… Effin’ Birds, that is. They’ll be back at Comic-Con this year at Booth #2049 with their buddies at Nerd Street. Now you’ve heard that the bird is the word. Bop-Bop-Mmm-Mow-Mow.

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