Under the Tents 2024: Naoko Mullally, Unknown Comics, Monkey Minion, Scott C.

Big news, little news, we cover all the news. It’s been a wild 24 hours for San Diego Comic-Con news and we’ve been here for all of it. We covered Marvel returning, hot Hasbro exclusives, Super 7 setting up shop and Funko taking flight and dozens of other things….but Under the Tents isn’t for the the Hasbros or the Funkos, it’s for the Patrick Ballesteros’, the Edwin Huangs, the Chris Mazes…it’s for the booths deep into artist alley and along the edges of the exhibit hall. It’s for the comic book retailers slinging the variant covers and the folks who have been working on panels all year long. But it’s also for you, because without you, I’m writing to myself and that’s just scary.

Let’s take a look at the news:

Super sekrit sneak peek at the #SDCC print. Pretty happy with where this is going.

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— Dane. You know the one. (@monkeyminion.bsky.social) Jun 27, 2024 at 4:40 AM

  • Have you recovered from June 26th Stitch Day festivities? You can keep the celebration going all year long with Lilo and Stitch prints from Naoko Mullally, who will have a new one, as well as old favorites at her booth, #5550, at San Diego Comic-Con.

  • More “finders keepers” drops will be happening this year at San Diego Comic-Con than every before. Follow these creators on social media to find their goodies as they leave them in the vicinity of the convention.
  • Fine pop culture jewelry company Rock Love Jewelry will be debuting their all new Star Wars collaboration at San Diego Comic-Con. You’ll want to hit up their Lightsaber Workshop at the Star Wars Pavilion, booth #2913.

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  • Unknown Comics showed off a few more of the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive variant covers that they will have at the show. The first is from scorching hot artist Nathan Szerdy for the Avengers Annual #10 Facsimile Edition featuring a stunning Rogue. Also from Szerdy is an X-Men #1 Color Splash Virgin Variant. They also will have an eye-catching Wolverine by David Nakayama on Wolverine #88 Facsimile Edition. Both of these books will be at booth #2834 or #4901 during the show.
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  • I really thought we had this Porg infestation under control but it looks like Nan Hockin keeps finding the little critters. Star Wars fans can find these original creations at booth #F-11.
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  • Philip Mendel of Umbrella Comics and Collectibles posted a mock up of a golden Toxie pin inspired by Toxic Avengers that he says will be available in time for San Diego Comic-Con.
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  • Actor and director James Pax will be one of the folks signing autographs upstairs in the Sails Pavilion. We hope to see the whole schedule soon but until then, you can make plans to see Pax during the convention.
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  • That’s a lot of axolotls. Artist Scott C is working on a roller skating gang of axolotls for a print he intends to bring to San Diego Comic-Con. We look forward to seeing those little dudes jamming.
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  • Comic Con International has announced the schedule for their annual Independent Film Festival, which takes place during Comic-Con. This year, it’s 23rd, will have 57 different films in genres including science fiction/fantasy, comics-oriented, action/adventure, humor and more. All the screenings take place at the Marquis and Marina Hotel Grand Ballroom 6. Find the full schedule on the website.

  • Having arguably done their job, the team behind the #SaveDaredevil movement will be forgoing their yearly party, but will still be in attendance. We can’t blame them for wanting to take a break. Party planning is tough work (Just ask Kerry!)

  • The legacy of Will Eisner endures, and this year there will be two panels about his work; Will Eisner & Harvey Kurtzman Got To College and The Continuing Relevance of Will Eisner’s The Plot. Each panel will host an array of speakers and guests well qualified to talk on the subjects. Watch for the panel schedules in mid July for the details.

  • Look who is swinging into Comic-Con, your friendly neighborhood web slinger! Chris Maze will be bringing a one of a kind 3″ x 3″ mixed media original picture of Spider-Man. This piece will come framed and be on sale to one lucky person at booth #2103. Stay tuned for Maze’s exclusive reveals starting next week.

  • Here’s another sneak peek from the folks at Hero Within for a Star Trek exclusive they will have.

  • UDON illustrator Edwin Huang has a new Fatal Fury Mai sticker that will be available at SDCC, among other places.

  • Bryan Lee O’Mally, creator of Scott Pilgrim, was the very first person to have an autograph signing at Felix Comic Art way back in 2014. A decade later they will be hosting them again. He’ll be signing over multiple days and we look forward to seeing that schedule. 

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