Under The Tents 2024: Pablo Villalobos, Kwento Comics, Patton Oswalt, Val Hochberg

What a great week it’s been for San Diego Comic-Con news! NECA always brings the heat, Monogram set Sonic fans into palpitations, the Dragonball offsite was revealed, and that’s just the headlines. What about all the other hundreds (thousands?) of creators, vendors, exhibitors, artists and writers making plans for the big event? Well, they deserve our love and attention too so we’ve dug into all corners of the interwebs for all the juicy details.

Let’s take a look at the news you might have missed:

  • James Silvani is one step closer to completing his book, Pirates: A Graphic History and awaiting you at San Diego Comic-Con is an 8 page ashcan preview with a blank cover that Silvani will sketch for you. Walk the plank over to Artist Alley booth #II-06 to pick one up for $5.
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  • Kwento Comics is headed to San Diego. The very first all-Asian, all-Woman publisher will be in the Small Press area at booth #Q-03 with exclusives and the latest issue of their series, Mask of Haliya
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  • Book lovers know to clear their “to be read” pile before San Diego Comic-Con, where they are sure to find lots of new literary goodies to fill it back up. Case in point, author Jennifer Swartwood-Walker, who will be there promoting their graphic novel series The Ferrokin.

  • The Kickstarter backed comic project Cos N Effect, about the adventures of cosplayer Ashley and her reality bending magic amulet, looks to be getting a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive cover from artist Sean Forney, and isn’t she “ADORA”-ble? 

  • More Comic Art just made a huge announcement over on Facebook. They will be hosting DC and Marvel cover artist Pablo Villalobos at their booth, #4500, during Comic-Con. Villalobos will be bringing his new Power Girl foil variant plus original art, comic books and prints.

  • Our good friends at UCC Distributing are gearing up for another stellar convention. In their latest Instagram post they tease some of the properties they will be bringing with them, including Invader Zim, Chainsaw Man, Neopets, Miffy, Squishables and more. Don’t keep us waiting UCC, we need details! UCC will be back in the same spot as last year, booth #5613, against the back wall. 
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  • Fans of the Dark Horse original comic Minor Threats have a LOT to be excited about. Over on Twitter they posted that the whole crew, including Jordan Blum and Patton Oswalt will be attending San Diego Comic-Con and they promise some exciting announcements, panels and signings.

  • If we are interpreting these hashtags correctly, and we think we are, we’re expecting Tiny Ghost and Fugitive Toys to be bringing some blind bag enamel pins to San Diego Comic-Con, including these work-in-progress “Deadghouls.”
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  • If you saw our last UTT post then you know that we’re tracking some exclusives from Masked Republic and Cinelucha. Here’s another piece of the overall puzzle, but honestly, we’re still puzzled. Can we maybe buy a vowel?

  • Everyone’s favorite furry eight-legged friends are comic to San Diego Comic-Con for an epic adoption event. Tentacle Kitty will be there with their fun plush goodies, all ready for good homes.
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  • We have some sweet news to add to our previous announcement about voice actors Alejandra Reynoso and Greg Baldwin upcoming SDCC appearance. Reynoso posted on Twitter that she will have an exclusive new print for the event as well.

  • Although his pre-show commission list is already closed, fans of Vince at Egg Drop Ramen is bringing plenty of new art to the show for you to check out, including these three diabolical ladies.

  • And while we’re already talking about sold out pre-show commissions….Val Hochberg’s list filled up lightning quick this week, but if you didn’t score, you’re not out of luck. Hochberg announced that new prints, a new sticker sheet and a new charm are all in the works.

  • And lastly today, Critical Entertainment is bringing their series, The First Americans to San Diego Comic-Con, booth #4015. They will also have a panel you’ll want to check out called Critical Entertainment and Patriot Comic Books, details to be announced. 
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