Under The Tents 2024: Salvador Velázquez, JD Pardo, Gigi Edgley, Masked Republic, Hello Kitty

Temps are starting to creep up higher and higher, a sure sign that San Diego Comic-Con is getting a smidgen closer. Also sure signs: more announcements regarding panels, more exclusive teases, more folks checking in to say “Hey! I’ll be there”, and more chances you might miss something if you’re not checking your social media every day. Lucky for you, we here at the Unofficial Blog are always on the lookout. We don’t want to miss a thing because we don’t want *you* to miss a thing.

Now let’s take a look at what we’re recently found:

  • The Los Asesinos de Dios of the Mayans M.C. will be representing at San Diego Comic-Con. Well, at least one of them will be. Actor Jorge Daniel  “JD” Pardo best known for playing the lead role of Ezekiel “EZ” Reyes has made a Facebook event page stating that he will be at the convention. No details have been posted as of yet, but we’ll wear our kuttes just in case. Pardo can also be seen in the recent Road House movie.

  • It’s never fair to play favorites but Mike and Miguel at BB-CRE8 can’t seem to help themselves, declaring that this San Diego Comic-Con 2024 tease will be one of their favorites. We think that no matter what they make they will always *ahem* hit it out of the ballpark.  

  • As if that wasn’t exciting enough, BB-CRE8 is working on a special gift for those dedicated attendees who collect all five of their daily exclusives. 

  • While we’re on the subject of teasing, take a look at this filthy tease from Masked Republic. Looks like we might all be fighting over a Legends of Lucha x Boss Fight Studio action figure at San Diego Comic-Con. Could this have anything to do with the two classic Mexican cinema works that will have their first official licensed product at the show? We’ll have to wait and see.

  • And no, you haven’t missed any announcements regarding any special appearance by wrestlers at their booth. Masked Republic promises announcements will be “soon!”

  • “Art fiend” Rachel Reed has created a small selection of papercraft originals that she will be bringing with her to Comic-Con to Artist Alley BB-03. 
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  • All hail King Brunulf and Queen Gunborg! Members of the The Kingdom of Terre Neuve chapter of the Adrian Empire Inc. have until Friday, June 14 to submit their interest form for participating in the live combat demos at San Diego Comic-Con 2024. Please see their Facebook event and their sign up form for all the details.
  • Ringo and Eisner nominated artist Trish Forstner is “just like us,” in that they are hoping to get tickets to Funko Fundays because even if you’re a professional artist and you have to work at San Diego Comic-Con, you still want to have some fun. Forstner will reveal their signing and booth schedule when they have it.
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  • This happy little kitty as aged well. Hello Kitty is celebrating her 50th birthday in 2024 and according to a product run down on The Pop Insider, some of the new merchandise fans can expect to see include an exclusive  plush from Jazwares at San Diego Comic-Con. And don’t forget to check out the exciting news that the Hello Kitty Café Truck will be rolling into the Petco Interactive Zone again!

  • Are you an artist, writer, panelist, creator or otherwise attending SDCC to promote something? Let podcaster Tim Drake know. He wants to help you promote yourself on his On The Mic Podcast.

  • Last year artist Martin Hsu dazzled us with his hand-painted Sakura Pinocchio Funko Pops. According to his post on Twitter, Hsu is back to painting, but this time on Stitch. We look forward to seeing how this one blooms. 

  • Is night time the right time? It is if you want to catch the J18 Publishing World of Mature Manga on July 26th. Included in the panel will be renowned h-manga artist Shiwasu no Okina.

  • Abyssmal Entertainment is bringing the tiki to the convention center, to Booth #1901, to be exact. The cast of their animated movie Isla Monstro, including Gigi Edgly, Juliana Harkavy and James Schrader will be attendance at the booth, as well as for a panel and autograph signings. Sounds tiki-riffic!

  • And finally today, Mexican artist Salvador Velázquez announced on Twitter that he will be setting up shop at San Diego Comic-Con in Artist Alley at booth #EE12.


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