Under The Tents 2024: Sean Forney, Joey Spiotto, Daniel Warren Johnson, Loyal Subjects

Monday is the new Fun Day, right? RIGHT?!?! Well, maybe not exactly, but we’ll do our best to gave you some good, fun news to make it feel a little less…well, Monday-ish. We know you might need something to take your mid off of the Funko Fundays news so how about a whole bunch of exclusive teases, including variant comic covers limited to 25 copies, a YETI mug limited to 4 pieces, calavera stickers and teeny tiny Rainbow Brite Sprites. Joey Spiotto has a work in progress, as do Jin Yung Kim and Dan Parent. And that’s just to name a few.

Now let’s take a look at all that news:

  • Skateboard artist Tim Baron has an SDCC project in the works with Atomic Toybox Entertainment, one of our favorite vendors. We’ve got some angry (and Killer) looking tomatoes here and we can’t wait to see the complete product. 
  • But that won’t be the only thing Baron has at San Diego Comic-Con. He also showed off this little sneak peek. It’s giving me some Mars Attack-ish vibes, how about you?
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  • Long live the King! King Grimlock, that is. Jin Yung Kim (JYK AllDay) has this Transformers Grimlock piece on his drawing table and according to he caption, is hoping to debut it at San Diego Comic-Con.
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  • Here comes Tiny Ghost creator Reis O’Brien again, bringing the heat with a very cool print. We can’t see very much of it, but we’d recognize those colors anywhere. (Spoiler! It’s Deadpool & Wolverine!)
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  • Your giant Stanley Cup has nothing on this one. Nerds and Nomads has created a power coated YETI mug with a Spongebob Squarepants design to die for. If these look as good in person as they do on Instagram, they are going to sell like Krabby Patties.
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  • Loading in and out of San Diego Comic-Con is no easy feat for vendors and exhibitors, and Mary “Zoralita” Bellamy conjured up some “super” help in this image which she uses to announce all the goodies she will be bringing to the show. You’ll be able to get enamel pins, lanyards, artwork and more than 15 girl-positive graphic novels, all at Small Press Booth #N-04. Don’t forget to bring your My Little Pony comics for her to sign!
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  • Artist Dan Parent will have a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive wraparound cover for Betty & Veronica’s Summer Spectacular 2024, featuring all the popular Archie girls. Surprisingly, these are their everyday outfits, they aren’t even cosplaying.

  • Deaf Representation in Pop Culture will have a full dais of panelists at Comic-Con. Moderator Brandon Carmedy revealed on TikTok that he will be hosting five panelists. The guests remain a mystery for now.
@brandoncarmedy Update to announce, guess what? #sdcc #mysteryguests #sandiegocomiccon #2024 ♬ original sound – Brandon Carmedy

  • Canadian company TLS Toys will be exhibiting at booth #2544 at San Diego Comic-Con and are bringing the cutest little limited edition box sets from Strawberry Shortcake and Rainbow Brite. These 1.5″ Micro Cheebees will have limited availability and are only the first of the goodies they have planned for SDCC.

  • Our friends at The Loyal Subjects will be teasing us all week with their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. In this video on Facebook, we see all the weapons and accessories that would make for a stellar Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Dark Leonardo figure. Could that be it? We’ll know (hopefully) soon.

  • Artist Karen Alleluia stepped back onto social media to announce that they will be exhibiting at San Diego Comic-Con for the first time. We cannot resist her charming and wholesomely sweet style. We are so excited to see what she will be bringing with her to the show.
  • Artist Joey Spiotto is a staple at San Diego Comic-Con and a “must stop” for his Grumpy Unicorn goods and his signature “Storytime” prints. Here, he’s teasing us with some new work destined for the show. Color us intrigued.

  • Blockbuster comic book artist Daniel Warren Johnson (Transformers, Extremity, Do A Powerbomb) will once again be offering his very popular 4″ x 6″ sketches at San Diego Comic-Con. You’ll want to sign up for the Felix Comic Art newsletter to stay on top of it.

  • Artist and illustrator Brian Rood has been working hard all year to prepare for San Diego Comic-Con. Centrally located at booth #1929, Rood will be offering new original art for some of the most popular fandoms on the planet, including Star Wars, Interview With The Vampire and The Walking Dead. He’ll be working on live art in the booth, which will also be available for purchase and promises many other surprises.
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  • Legendary animator Hidetoshi Omori (Jo Jo’s Bizarre Adventures, Naruto, Gundam) will be making an appearance at booth, #737. The Ronin Club, who is hosting Omori’s appearance promises more guests and exclusives to come.

  • According to his latest newsletter, illustrator and writer Josh Figueroa will be in the Small Press area this year, at booth #o-12. He’s deep in the prepping process and we wish him luck.

  • The legacy of Filipino Martial Arts in popular culture will be getting a stacked panel at San Diego Comic-Con with “Camera, Culture and Combat.” Professionals from the industry, including New York Time bestselling author Steven Barnes will be participating.

  • Jose Pulido of Mis Nopales Art intends to thrill all the calaveras fans at San Diego Comic-Con with brand new stickers and pins. If this One Piece inspired sticker is any indication, we’re in for a real treat.

  • And lastly today, artist Sean Forney has revealed the final version of his SDCC exclusive Cos N Effect #1 variant cover and it’s a stunner. This little number will have a very low print run of 25. Forney will be at Artist Alley booth #EE-03.

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