“The Dragon Prince” Returns to San Diego Comic-Con for 2024 [UPDATE July 7]

Animated Netflix series The Dragon Prince has one of the most consistent track records when it comes to San Diego Comic-Con, and fans don’t have to worry about whether or not the series will be there for 2024.

In what form, though, is still the question. Aaron Ehasz, co-creator of the series, confirmed that the series will be in attendance, but hinted that they are “going to do something special that we have never done”.

The series’ sixth season drops in its entirety on Friday, July 26, so could fans be treated to some sort of special screening? Earlier this year, fans at WonderCon got to experience the premiere of the first episode of the season. We would be shocked if the series didn’t also get a panel.

[UPDATE July 7]

As confirmed today, the series is back for a panel, set for Saturday, July 27 at 10:30am in Room 6BCF. Fans will be treated to new insights into the sixth season, teases about season season and beyond, and a look at the upcoming The Dragon Prince: Xadia game from Netflix Games, releasing to iOS and Android on July 30.

As an added bonus, fans at the panel will receive an exclusive pin of Natamus Rayla from the game, from What’s Your Passion Jewelry.

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